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Hokianga Historical Society Publications
Updated: 15 March 2019
Website Owner: Dr. Kenneth M. Baker
The Society's most recent publication (2015)

Visits to the Graves of the Hokianga Soldiers who Fell in the Great War 1914 – 1918
Volume I: Belgium, North-West France and England
By Kenneth M. Baker
ISBN: 9780473322670
The publication is available from the
Society by written  application at a price of
$30 New Zealand Dollars plus post and
packaging.  All orders should be
addressed to the Society in writing at P.O.
Box 26, Opononi 0445, South Hokianga,
New Zealand or to the Society at
  To commemorate the hundred years since
World War I, the Great War, the Members of the
Hokianga Historical Society decided to
commemorate each fallen soldier from the
Hokianga by placing and leaving a flax flower
made at the Hokianga on each of their graves or
their memorials, and to place a Hokianga
Remembers card at the site.  
 For Volume I, Society Member Ken Baker,
visited and photographed graves in Belgium,
North-West France and England to constitute a
photographic record of the event and return the
card to the Museum as a symbol of return from
the pace they were interred.
 These cards and the photographic record are
available for inspection at the Museum.
The Society has three other publications to its name also available by post:

Hokianga, A Visitors' Guide (1993)

The Summer of the Dolphin (2006) - the story of Opo the dolphin

Hokianga History and Memorabilia
The Publication Covers the Graves of the Following Service
(Name, Rank, First Name(s), Service Number)

Barrington, Private, Albert John 12/880
Bourke, Corporal, Percy William 12/1891
Bridge, Rifleman, William Henry, 31110
Costello, John, Private, Patrick, 12/901
Driffill, Private, William Charles Howell 12/1851
Ensor, Rifleman, Charles Hedley Vickers 17853
Faithfull, Private, Charles Baker 33863
Fatt, Private, James 12/3008
Flood, Rifleman,  Thomas Frederick, 38516
Francis, Lance Sergeant, Sydney Emilius Patterson, 28584
Harding, Lance Corporal, James Joseph 12/558
Harding, Private, Whetu 20769
Hayes, Private, Robert 39659
Hodgson, Rifleman, Thomas Henry 24/1393
Keymer, Corporal George Edward, 42123
Kjoller, Rifleman, James 26/832
Moka also known as Williams, Private, James, 19779
Morgan, Private, Joseph Iraia 16/344
Nash, Private, Francis 11089
Nevitt, Private, Henry, 34492
Newman, Private, Wilfred Clynes, 30629
Newton, Private, Frederick John 12/2797
Norton, Robert Arthur
Passell, Corporal, James 24/878
Pearce, Sergeant,  Arthur Hambley, 10/2500
Philipps, Rifleman,  Frederick Emerson,  46486
Philips, Private, Edward Matson, 41616
Powell, Private, Gerald Massey 12/2823
Power, Private, Hone Manahi 16/198
Rata, Private, Jerry, 19411
Ratana, Private, Wiremu, 16/714
Rewi, also known as Williams, Private Perenara 20664
Smith, Private, Haka 19417
Smith, Private, Joseph James Frank 18865
Te Whata, Private, Peter, 20621
Ward, Rifleman, Alfred George 14890
Waru, Private, Henare 16/368
Waru, Private, Kopa 16/369
Wiki, Private Frank 20665
Wikitera, Private, Robert 16/371
Williams, Lance Corporal, Wilfred Richard 18901
Williamson, Rifleman, Frederick 44667
Young, Frank Gladstone Rameka 46423
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