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Clendon Census of the Hokianga, 1846
as compiled by James Reddy Clendon, Magistrate at Rawene and the first US Consul to New Zealand

Notes:   1. Transcribed from a copy of  the original - thanks to Alan Dalton.
       2. The same name spellings have been maintained as in the original document - those indicted * are where there is considerable doubt.
       3. Occupations:  As listed - note there are changes with respect to those mentioned in the "Busby Census" of 1838.

Name                  Given Name      No. Children     Marital status         Occupation
                                                                               nw=native wife)  
Anderson                         John                 2                        nw                        Carpenter
Angus                              Robert                                                                     Labourer
Baker                               John                 2                        nw
Birch                               Thomas            3                        nw                        Labourer
Bowyer                           Francis             1                        nw                        Labourer
Boyce                              Edward            3                        nw                        Labourer
Campbell                         Robert                                       nw                        Sawyer
Chapman                         Alexander                                                               Carpenter
Clarke                              John                                                                        Labourer
Cochrane                         Dennis              1                                                     Labourer
Dunn                               Edward    
Franks                             John                 2                        nw                        Labourer
Gardner                           William            1                        nw                        Carpenter
Hansey                            Michael           2                        nw                        Sawyer
Hardiman                         Robert                                       nw                        Sawyer
Harris                               Christopher    3                        nw                        Sawyer
Heggard                            Samuel                                                                   Sawyer
Hobbs                              John (Rev)      9                         w                         Wesleyan Missionary
Hollingback                     Michael                                                                   Sawyer
Leaf                                 John                                                                        Sawyer
Lloyd                                                       2                        nw
Malt                                                                                                               Gent
Manhall                          Hewen (Hugh?)                          nw                        Sawyer
Manning                         F.                      2                        nw                        Settler
Marmon                         John                  1                        nw                        Sawyer
Marriner                                                  4                         w                         Trader
Martin                            John                  2                        nw                        Pilot
Martin                                                                                                             Pilot
McDonnell                     Thomas            5                                                       Merchant
Monk                              John                 1                         w                          Carpenter
Nimo                               George                                                                     Carpenter
Pearson                           Henry                                                                       Sawyer
Pickering                         Nathan                                                                     Shoemaker
Poynton                         Thomas             2                         w                         Sawyer
Russell                            George F.         4                         nw                        Merchant
Smith                              Charles             2                         nw                        Sawyer
Smith                              D.                     3                         nw                        Sawyer
Spofforth                       Edward                                         w                         Settler
Stannard                         George              1                         nw
Stannaway                      James               2                         nw                        Sawyer
Trusted                          William                                                                     Settler
Warren                            John (Rev)       2                         w                         Wesleyan Missionary
Webster                          John                                                                         Settler
Webster                          George                                                                     Settler
Webster                          William                                                                    Settler
White                              Francis             7                         w                         Settler
Wright                             John                 4                         w                         Blacksmith
Young                             William             4                         w                         Settler
Clendon Census of 1846
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