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Some Early Residents of Hokianga
Cleaves Directory 1915 - Names & Occupations

Hokianga County: 126 miles North from Auckland.; rail to
Helensville, steamer to Dargaville, rail to Kaihu, thence 6
miles. Mails close Auckland Monday, Friday 7.20 a.m.,
arrive Aranga Tuesday, Saturday 4 p.m. ; close Aranga
Tuesday 9 a.m., Saturday 8 a.m.. arrive Auckland
Wednesday, Monday 9.20 a.m. Telegraph Office Bureau
and P.N. Office.

Adams William, farmer
Bainbridge R. R., farmer
Boswell C. W., teacher
Borrie & Sutherland, farmers
Cann Robert, farmer
Davenport L., farmer.
Downey Edward., farmer
Downey George, farmer
Downey John, farmer
Hankers T. storeman
Hellier T., farmer
Hemmins F., farmer
Hockey H., farmer
Hood E., farmer
Hood W., farmer
Jenkins A., farmer
Kerr R.C., farmer
Kerr J. H., farmer  
McCullough A.
McCullough J.
Mattocks R., farmer
Maxwell J., farmer
Newman W., farmer
Paton W.
Perrow W.
Somers Mrs Kate
Stewart Peter
Taylor S., farmer
Thompson A.W., waggoner
Williams B.E. Ltd., storekeepers
Williams Bros., storekeepers


Hokianga County: 214 miles North from Auckland by
steamer.  Mails close Auckland, Wednesday 2.30 p.m.,
Friday 7.45 p.m., arrive Broadwood Friday Tuesday 3.00
p.m., close Broadwood Wednesday, Saturday 9.45 a.m.,
arrive Auckland Saturday, Tuesday irregularly.  Has a
Telephone Office, Money Order, Postal Note, and Post
Office Savings Bank.

Anderson John, farmer
Atkins George  A., farmer
Buchanan George,  farmer
Carman Frederick George, farmer
Carman Samuel., farmer
Dodds James, storekeeper
Dodds John, farmer
Donelly Thomas, junior, Farmer
Fergusson George, farmer
Gregory Arthur, farmer
Gregory Charles, farmer
Grounds William G., farmer
Harlow William, farmer
Harris George, junior, farmer
Harris George, farmer
Hicks Arthur, farmer
Kennedy James, farmer
Kjoller Frederick, farmer
Kjoller Martin, farmer
Knevett Henry, farmer
Lee Louis Edward, farmer
McKenzie James, farmer
Martin Thomas, farmer
Maulstaid Louis, farmer
Minchin Thomas, farmer
Newman Kossuth, farmer
Newman Cleon, farmer
Newton H. C. farmer
Parkinson George, farmer
Primmer George H., farmer
Puttick Richard, farmer
Snelgar Harry, farmer
Tacon Ernest F., farmer
Walker Frederick, farmer
Wiggins R. S., farmer
Yarborough Archibald, farmer


Hokianga County: 234 miles North from Auckland by
steamer to Awanui North, thence by mail cart. Mails
close Auckland Friday 7.45 p.m., Monday 4.30 p.m.,
arrive Herekino Monday 2 p.m. Wednesday 2 p.m.; close
Herekino Monday, Wednesday 8.45 a.m., arrive Auckland
Tuesday, Saturday irregularly. Tel., Money Order and
Savings Bank offices

Bacich John, vigneron
Baker E. H., farmer
Baker James, farmer
Baker James, junior, farmer
Baker M., carpenter
Baker William B. farmer
Ballard F., carter
Beachem Thomas, labourer
Berghan A., bullock driver
Bowman H., butcher
Bowman John R., farmer
Bowman Robert H. (J.P.), native agent
Budd. W., farmer
Bunkall Thomas, farmer
Bunkall W. C., farmer
Conlon E., labourer
Corbett Louis, farmer
Curling R. R., surfaceman
Curreen E., farmer
Dawson G., bush contractor
De Andrad John, farmer
Dysart D. K., storekeeper
Edward G., farmer
Ford Christopher, farmer.
Gardener James, boarding house
Geddes Alexander, farmer
Geddes Bros., farmers
Geddes James, farmer
Grbich -, farmer
Hart Ernest, teacher
Herekino Dairy factory
Hunia Wm., farmer
Hunt W. E., constable
Johnson Jack, contractor
Keay David, carpenter
Keay Robert, farmer
Keay Thomas, farmer
Keay Walter, farmer
Kunicich Tadia, vigneron
Lee Frank, secretary dairy co.
Lecoustre Leo, farmer.
Lunivich Daniel, vigneron
Lunivich Luke, vigneron
Lunivich Peter, vigneron
McKenzie Mrs Eady
Murray Arthur, farmer.
Murray Robert C. farmer.
Old Henry, dairy factory manager
Pearce David W., orchard
Posinokovich George, vigneron
Powell A., farmer
Powell Gerald, roadman
Powell H. G., surfaceman
Powell Henry C., J.P. farmer
Powell Mrs C., storekeeper
Rowe James, farmer
Rowe Robert, farmer
Smith Allan, farmer
Smith C. J., farmer
Smith Charles, farmer
Smith J. Edward, farmer
Ulrich John, vigneron
Ulrich Steve, vigneron
Ulrich Tom, vigneron
Veale Miss Winifred, nurse
Vercoe James, farmer
Veza George, vigneron
Veza Joe, farmer
Vickers W., farmer
Williamson Bros., farmers


(from Wises New Zealand Index 1915 as Cleaves
contained no details)
: 190 miles north of Auckland (by
steamer to Opua, 26 shillings, rail to Kohu Kohu; is at
the head of navigable water on the Hokianga Harbour,
22 miles from the bar, and vessels of 1000 tons can
berth at the wharf at high tide. Is the terminus of the
Kawakawa-Hokianga mail route, via Ohaewai and
Okaihaw. In summer roads good for cycling and
motoring. One hotel. Important flaxmilling centre, and .
has a large area of rich alluvial land occupied by large
Native population. Post and telephone. Horeke means ''a
challenge”. Nearest doctor at Kohn Kohu, 3 miles. A very
ancient European burial ground (probably the oldest in
New Zealand) is here; contains the grave of an old
sailing captain who died as far back as 1808.

Eynon David, farmer
Gray Ernest, farmer
Gray William, launch proprietor
Queenin Rita
Queenin William, Horeke Hotel
Robinson James
Webster John, farmer


Hokianga County, 225 miles North from Auckland, near
entrance to Hokianga Harbour.  Coach over land
connects with weekly steamer to East Coast.  Mails
close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m., arrive Wednesday 10
a.m. close Kaweru Wednesday 11.15 a.m. arrive
Auckland Saturday early.  Nearest Tele. Office is
Omapere, 10 miles distant.

Cummins Samuel, gumdigger
Davis E., storeman
Ferguson John, gumdigger
Hossack James, gumdigger
Jarvie William N., storekeeper, gummer, Kaweru Hotel
and postmaster
Jones A., gumdigger
Maxwell James, contractor
Pooley George W., gumdigger
Potequin Arthur, gumdigger
Smith J., gumdigger
Timmons Charles M., gumdigger


Hokianga Co.: 194 miles North from Auckland by
steamer from Onehunga. Population 500.  Mails close
Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m., Wednesday 2.30 p.m.,
Tuesday irregularly, Friday 7.45 p.m., arrive Kohukohu
Tuesday 5.30 p.m., Thursday 3.30 p.m., Friday
irregularly, Saturday 6.30 p.m.; close Kohukohu Monday
5 p.m., Thursday 1.45 p.m., Saturday Irregularly and 4 p.
m., arrive Auckland Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday,
Sunday Irregularly. Telephone, Money Order, Postal
Note, and Savings Bank Office.

Airey Stephen H., accountant
Alexander J., dentist
Andrews S. & Sons, storekeepers
Archibald William
Armistead Anthony, labourer
Boreham Mrs Beatrice E.
Blundell Arthur P.
Bonner J. E. hairdresser
Breidkeeper J. H., vine dresser
Bridge Robert, millhand
Brigham D., agent N.S.S. Company
Casey Miss Agnes, teacher
Chapman Charles, fireman
Chapman Joseph G., farmer
Chapman Thomas
Cheriton, Matthew W., boarding house
Cochrane Mrs John
Cooper Sidney, mattress maker
Dawes Charles, photographer
Donnelly Thomas W. H.
Downes George, storekeeper
Downes Henry, sawyer
Dugmore Edwin
Dugmore George, farmer
Fell Joseph, shipwright
Fergusson J. G.
Gabolinsey Herrman, millhand
Gilfillan W. A., postmaster
Gray George
Grayson William, farmer
Grover Henry R., storekeeper
Gurney Arthur E.
Gurney Herbert, labourer
Gurney William F., farmer
Halliday James, bootmaker
Halliwell George
Halliwell Frederick
Halliwell Herbert
Hansen Jens P., tailor
Harrison Charles C.
Harrison Robert J., teacher
Hartley & Sons, launch proprietors
Hawkins B., millhand
Hawkins P., millhand
Hawkins Reginald, mill manager
Hawkins S., secretary Timber Company
Hawkins Thomas B., “Hokianga County Times”
(Hokianga News. Co., Ltd.)
Hokianga Meat Supply Company (R. A. Northwood,
Hokianga Settlers’ Association (R. C. Yarborough,
Hokianga Dairy Company Limited (Stephen H. Airey,
Huddleston A., bank manager
Jarvie R., carpenter
Jones H.
Julian John
Ker Robert A., farmer
Knight G. H., butcher
Kirkpatrick and Brook, solicitors
Lake Miss Lulu, teacher
Lees Mrs John
McGechie William, carpenter
McKinnon John T., journalist
McLeod Alexander, millhand
Maxwell & Selwyn, green grocers
Maxwell William
Munro James, labourer
Newton Arthur S.
Nicholson John, Kohukohu Hotel
Nolan L. A., medical practioner
Northwood Brothers, photographers
Northwood R. A., photographer
Northwood H. C. photographer
Parr and Blomfield, solicitors (A. H. Corbett, manager)
Pearson Joseph, store assistant
Philipps Frederick. R., bootmaker
Potter Arthur, clerk
Preece B., farmer
Purchas C. W.
Rangiora Sawmill Company
Robson Rev. F. G. (Anglican)
St. Mary’s Church Vestry
Schrader Charles, carpenter
Seay S., farmer
Serjeant W. L., machinist
Smith Albert O., baker
Stranaghan Hugh S., millhand
Sturges F. W., saddler
Vaughan Joseph
Wallace A. C., storekeeper.
Warren David R. M.
Watkins -, tailor
Watkins H., tailor
Williams A. E., stationer
Williams H. A.
Williams H. W.
Wright George
Wooster John
Yarborough Alfred. C., merchant
Yarborough Brothers, storekeepers
Young Henry, engineer


Hokianga County : 206 miles North from Auckland by
steamer.  Mails close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m.
Wednesday 2.30 p.m.. Thursday irregularly, Friday 7.45 p.
m., arrive Koutu Tuesday 9.30 p.m., Thursday 7.20 p.m.,
Friday irregularly, Sunday 9.30 a.m.; close Koutu Monday
4.20 p.m., Thursday 10.25 a.m., Saturday irregularly and
12.30 p.m., arrive Auckland Wednesday, Saturday,
Sunday, Tuesday irregularly. Telegraph Office closed
from 1 p.m. Saturdays.

Allingham Thomas A.
Andrews Newton H., storekeeper
Andrews A. S. & Sons, storekeepers
Barlow A. N., millhand
Beart Cecil, sawyer
Beart Reginald, accountant
Boyce John, millhand
Boyce Joseph, millhand
Bridge F.
Bridge W. H., millhand
Diamond Colin, millhand
Diamond Michael, millhand
Edwards R., farmer
English J. P., clerk
Flesher John, sawdoctor
Froggat George
Hewlett Mrs Gerty
Kauri Timber Company Limited
Leef Charles, millhand
Leef Harding, millhand
Lloyd James, watchman
Lytle A.
Maloney P.
Martin W. H., engine driver
Nelder J.
Pengelly R., mill manager
Rickcord A. E. V., bush manager
Russell F.
Selwyn R. sawyer
Shadforth J.. stoker
Slade Annie, boarding house keeper.
Smith Hazel, teacher
Tills C.
Tills Ethel, teacher
Wi1son J. S., engineer
Wynyard James, millhand
Wynyard Nathan, millhand


Hokianga County: 129 miles North from Auckland. Mails
close Auckland Monday, Friday 7.20 a.m., arrive Mangatu
Tuesday, Saturday 2.20 p.m. close Mangatu Tuesday,
Saturday 7.45 a.m., arrive Auckland Wednesday, Monday
9.20 a.m. Telegraphic Office

Bennett Joseph H., farmer
Adam James William, farmer
Doak and Company, sawmillers
Gamble John, farmer
Gamble Susannah, farmer
Hansen Erasmus, farmer
Hawthorn Len, farmer
Johansen F. J., farmer
Jones Charles W., farmer
Larsen Maurice, settler
Larsen Oley, settler
Leahy Richard, farmer
McLean John, farmer
Mangatu Sawmill
Moynehan John, farmer
Newman Francis, farmer
O’Connor Thomas, carrier
Phelan Thomas, farmer
Reilly Owen, farmer
Speck Ernest W., settler
Taylor William, farmer
Turner Hugh D., carrier
Turner Marianna, postmistress
Wailbridge George J., farmer.
Wood John, carpenter


Hokianga County: 187 miles North from Auckland;
steamer Opua, rail to Kawakawa, thence coach. Mails
close Auckland Monday 2.30 p.m., Friday 7.45 p.m.,
arrive Maraeroa Tuesday, Thursday 2.50 p.m., Saturday
4.25 p.m., close Maraeroa Tuesday, Friday 7.45 a.m.,
Saturday 8.00 p.m., arrive Auckland Wednesday,
Saturday, Tuesday irregularly.  Nearest telegraph station
at Horeke, three miles distant.

Hulme Hedley Russell, teacher
Hulme Mrs M., teacher


Hokianga County : 212 miles North from Auckland;
steamer and coach from Auckland via Rawene, also
steamer from Onehunga every Thursday, arr. Friday.
Mails close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m., Friday 7.45 p.m.
arrive Mitimiti Wednesday, Monday 8.25 a.m., close
Mitimiti Wednesday 1.45 p.m., Monday 12.45 p.m. arrive
Auckland Saturday, Tuesday early. Nearest Telegraphic
Office is Whangape, 8 miles distant.

Kendall George William, storekeeper
Kindall E. & D., farmers
Kindail E. G. & Company, flax-millers
Matin Rose, assistant teacher
Paul M. J., teacher
Reid Isaac, caretaker State forest
Welsh L., timber hauler


Hokianga County: 202 miles North from Auckland by
steamer; 3 miles from Rawene. Mails close Auckland
Wednesday 2.30 p.m., Friday 7.45 p.m.. arrive
Motukaraka Friday, Monday 10 a.m. : close Motukaraka
Monday, Friday 9.45 a.m., arrive Auckland Wednesday,
Tuesday irregularly.  Tel. Office and Bureau.

Archibald William
Ashmore W., cabinetmaker
Balu W., factory manager
Basford Ernest
Beasley Maxwell, settler
Beasley William
Beazley, Roy , farmer
Bowring Henry Francis
Danaher Frank, farmer
Danaher T., mail contractor
Dugmore E.
Edwards Percy
Flavell Frank W., settler
Flavell William
Goodwin Lionel, factory assistant
Gundry William
Harding George, farmer
Harding James, farmer
Harding Michael J.
Hodgson William
Jenner F., market gardener
Kelsey Frederick
Kelsey H. and J., factory
Lennon John
Mcleod Alexander
Motukaraka Dairy Factory,
Motukaraka Orchestral Society, conductor J. H.Rudall,
Hon, Sec. F. Jenner
Nash Joseph
Nash Edward, millhand
Rangioru -, timber boy
Reisterer Lorenz, wharfing.
Rudall J. H. schoolmaster
Spence Miss Jane Catherine
Spence Miss J., postmistress
Stephens John, farmer
Stevens Ingham, surveyor
Tafford Emile, viticulturist


Hokianga County: 126½ miles north from Auckland.
Steamer to Whangarei, thence road. Mails close
Auckland. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7.45 p.m., arrive
Nukutawhiti Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 4.30 p.m.;
close Nukutawhiti 1st November to 30th Apr11 Monday,
Wednesday, Friday, 7:45 a.m., 1st May to 31st October
close Nukutawhiti Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6.45 a.
m., arrive Auckland Tuesday. Thursday, Saturday 7.30 p.
m. Te1egraphic Office and Bureau.

Adams Alexander, bushman
Alison William, farmer and butcher
Allan & Sons, station hold.
Bayly Isaac, farmer
Brown Henry
Clark Brothers, farmers
Coutts Robert, contractor
Dysart George O., storekeeper
Dysart G. O., gum merchant
Finlayson Brothers and Company, contractors, etc.
Freeman E. W., farmer
Gardiner Fred, settler
Hill Alfred, settler
Kerr James, bushman
Logan James, farmer
Logan Martin, farmer
Logan M., farm manager
McLeod Samuel, accountant
Mist James, station manager
Osbaldiston John, contractor
Osbaldiston Ralph, labourer
Osbaldiston Stewart, cook
Osbaldiston W., dam builder
Peterson W., timber measurer
Reilly Michael contractor
Ritchie James, farmer
Ritchie William, farmer
Ritchie William, farm manager
Schultz Robert, cook
Thornton R., contractor
Whitmore W. F., farmer


Hokianga County: 192 miles north from Auckland,
steamer to Rawene from Onehunga thence by road 6
miles.  Mails close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m.,
Wednesday 2.30 p.m. or Thursday irregularly. Arrive
Omanaia Wednesday 8.30 a.m. Friday 5.00 p.m., close
Omanaia Wednesday 2.30 p.m. Saturday 1.30 p.m.,
arrive Auckland Saturday, Tuesday early.  Telegraphic
Office and Bureau.  

Beazley George, farmer
Beazley Norman, farmer
Deiz Charles, farmer
Eparaima Wikitahi, farmer
Eyes Charles, J.P., farmer
Hare Tuku, farmer
Hauraki William, farmer
Hughes Thomas, farm labourer
Huri Titori, farmer
Korewha Ngaman, farmer
Maki Hauraki, farmer
Mangonui Eruesa, farmer
Manners Fred, farmer
Matiu Te Haupi, farmer
Nisbet Robert J., teacher
Nisbet R.J. junior, farm labourer
Raiti James, farmer
Rama Koroi, farmer
Smith John, farmer
Weir James, farmer
Wi Tani Whina, farmer


Hokianga County: 215 miles north from Auckland by
steamer.  Mails close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m.,
Wednesday 2.30 p.m., Thursday irregularly, Friday 7.45 p.
m., arrive Omapere Tuesday 11.35 p.m., Thursday 9.50 p.
m., Friday irregularly, Sunday 11.05 a.m., close Omapere
Monday 2.45 p.m., Thursday 8.45 a.m. Saturday 10.45 a.
m. and irregularly, arrive Auckland Wednesday, Saturday,
Sunday, Tuesday irregularly.  Telegraphic Station and
Bureau and P.N.

Bone Mrs. C.
Boyce Ella, dressmaker
Boyce William, gumdigger
Bryers Charles
Bryers Ivor S., labourer
Bryers Mary Ann
Bryers H. H., storekeeper
Bryers Miss Bernice M.
Bryers Mrs. Kate.
Bryers Victor, boatman
Bryers William H., labourer
Dunn Henry, gumdigger
Dunn Kiki, gumdigger
Dunn Mata, gumdigger
Dunn William, gumdigger
Dutch Lila
Fraser Mrs. Alice, household
Hardy Captain F., harbourmaster and collector of
Howe B. G., storekeeper
Laing A. M., schoolmaster
Laing Mrs. A. M.
Martin Elizabeth
Martin George
Newton C., farmer
Newton Cecil G., farmer
Newton Emma
Rowe Alba, postmaster
Rowe Arthur, labourer
Rowe George, junior, farmer
Rowe George, labourer
Rowe John, signalman
Rowe M., music teacher
Toi James, mail contractor
Wells Mrs. Louisa


Hokianga County: 210 miles north from Auckland by
steamer.  Mails close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m.,
Wednesday 2.30 p.m., Thursday irregularly, Friday 7.45 p.
m., arrive Opononi Tuesday 10.5 p.m., Thursday 8.00 p.
m., Friday irregularly, Sunday 10.30 a.m., close Opononi
Monday 3.15 p.m., Thursday 9.15 a.m. Saturday
irregularly and 11.20 a.m. arrive Auckland Wednesday,
Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday irregularly.  Money Order,
Post Office, Savings Bank, Telegraphic Office and

Andrewes A. S. and Sons
Andrewes Frank, Opononi Hotel
Andrewes N. H., clerk
Andrewes Sidney, butcher
Askew J., teacher
Baker Frank J., farmer
Boyce Edward, gumdigger
Boyce Josiah, carpenter
Boyce William D., labourer
Constable W. J., saddler
Diamond John, gumdigger
Diamond Peter, groom
Dixon Edward, bush contractor
Dixon Edward, master oil launch
Dunn Henry contractor
Fell Archibald T., farmer
Fell William S., farmer
Hall R., cordial manufacturer
Hardiman E. H., master launch
Hardiman George, farmer
Hardiman Selwyn, boatman
Hargrave Charles, accountant
Hartwell John, farmer
Hartwell Edward, farmer
Hendry G. M., teacher
Jarvie William N., farmer
Kelly Maurice C., farmer
Lane Arthur, farmer
Lytle Adam, farmer
Murray Henry
Ogilvy John, farmer
Ogilvy R. A., farmer
Ogilvy Walter, farmer
Russell George F.
Sarach John, farmer
Selwyn Philip
Slade Richard, carpenter
Stephen Augustus, farmer
Trott William, contractor
Watkins Francis A., farmer
Watkins J., boarding house
Watkins John, boatman
Watkins Ralf F.
Watkins Selwyn, labourer
Watkins William, farmer
Webster Mrs. Laura, farmer

Hokianga County: 196 miles north from Auckland, steamer
to Rawene thence 7 miles. Mails close Auckland Monday
4.30 p.m., Wednesday 2.30 p.m. or Thursday irregularly,
arrive Oue Wednesday 9.30 a.m., Saturday 8.00 a.m.,
close Oue Wednesday 1.45 p.m., Saturday 11.50 a.m.,
arrive Auckland Sunday, Tuesday irregularly.  Telephone
Office and Bureau.

Allingham T. A., farmer
Clements Arthur, farmer
Hall William H., farmer
Hodgson James B., farmer
King Horace J., farmer
King James, farmer
King Louis F., farmer
Leask H. G., farmer
McGregor William, teacher
McKenne Patrick J., farmer
Magee Edward J., farmer
Magee Edward James, farmer
Magee John Thomas, farmer
Mannning John, farmer
Newell Thomas, farmer
Nisbet Robert, farmer
Olsen Christopher H., farmer
Phillips Arthur R., farmer
Ryan Sydney, farmer
Utting Arthur, farmer
Vipond William, farmer
Whitefield George, farmer
Whitefield John, farmer
Whitefield John junior, farmer
Whitefield William, farmer


Hokianga County:  207 m north from Auckland by steamer
road. Mails close Auckland Wednesday 2.30 p.m. Friday
7.45 p.m., arrive Paponga Friday, Tuesday 1 p.m., close
Paponga Wednesday, Saturday noon, arrive Auckland
Saturday, Tuesday irregularly. Telephone Office and

Aitken Walter, farmer
Benson William, sheep farmer
Dyer William, farmer
Humphrey H., sheep farmer
Nash Frederick, Farmer


Hokianga County: 190 miles north from Auckland; steamer
to Opua, rail to Kawakawa, coach to Okaihau, thence 11
miles.  mails close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m., arrive
Rangiahua Tuesday 4 p.m., close Rangiahua Wednesday
3.15 p.m., arrive Auckland Saturday early. Telephone Office
and Bureau.  

Baker F., labourer
Cook J. B.
Coxhead G. F. L., shoemaker
Coxhead W. R.
Dangen Henry
Downard H. J. F., teacher
Ewan Macdonald, settler
Faithfull Henry, settler
Fergusson R. Norman
Graham Arthur, junior
Graham J.
Norman Herbert, music teacher
Lewis James
Martin George
Ogle Edward, settler
Ogle henry
Ogle James
Ogle J., storekeeper
Ogle William, settler
Potts A., settler
Sharland H. J.
Smith William
Stancliffe J., millhand
Talbot Daniel, settler
Warren W. H. C., settler
Whittaker Thomas


Hokianga County: 199 miles north east of Auckland by
steamer from Onehunga. Mails close Auckland Monday
4.30 p.m., Wednesday 2.30 p.m., Thursday irregularly.,
Friday 7.45p.m. arrive Rawene Tuesday 6.30 p.m.
Thursday 4.20 p.m., Friday irregularly, Saturday 7.30 p.m.,
close Rawene Monday 5 p.m., Thursday noon, Saturday 3
p.m. and irregularly, arrive Auckland Wednesday, Saturday,
Sunday, Tuesday irregularly.  Telephone bureau and
exchange, and P.O. Savings Bank

Allen J. W, foreman
Andrewes and Sons, merchants
Andrewes A. E., merchant
Arnold G. sawmill hand
Bank of New South Wales
Beazley John, Na. constable
Bawden J. O., boarding house
Brockless L., saw doctor
Bryers John
Bryers John J., land agent
Butland F., millhand
Butler J. J., solicitor
Clendon George, J. P., native interpreter
Cochrane R. sawmiller
Cochrane Robert
Cochrane T., millhand
Cook T. U., land agent
Cook G., licensed interpreter
Cook W. K.
Cox Hugh, constable
Crane R., master launch
Currie H. H., millhand
Danaher Brothers., launch owners
Dudeck J., night watchman
Eyes Charles, shipbuilder
Eyes C. H., launch builder
Ferguson E., carter
Ferguson E., boarding house
Guthrey C. H., mill manager
Halliwell Brothers, Ltd., butcher
Hansen Peter, blacksmith
Herbert J., storekeeper
Herbert J., junior.
Howe E., shoemaker
Huddleston A. S., bank manager
Johnston A., Masonic Hotel
Keay John S., engineer
Lane D. G., storekeeper
Lones F. J., porter hospital
Lones H. B. matron hospital
Menzies G. G. county engineer
Menzies R. R., Road surveyor
Millar Thomas L,, postmaster
Morton Alfred, joiner
Noake Compton, settler
Parker Rev. W. (Methodist)
Pearson S., painter
Proctor Robert, builder
Rawene Sash, Door and Joinery (W. K. Cook)
Reed, Miller and Butler, solicitors
Shaw N. H., teacher
Stewart G., carpenter
Simpson Mrs Willie
Symons A. G., engineer
Thronson F., millhand
Triphook J. R. music teacher
Union Box and Packing Company Ltd., sawmillers
Wrenn A. H., bank clerk


Hokianga County.: 190 miles North from Auckland by
steamer.  Mails close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m.,
Wednesday 2.30 p.m., arrive Taheke Tuesday, Thursday,
4.30 p.m.; close Taheke Monday, Thursday 7 p.m., arrive
Auckland Wednesday, Saturday irregularly. Post Office
Savings bank and Tele. Office and Bureau, closed from 1 p.
m. Thursday.

Andrewes A.S. & Sons, store
Bellve S., blacksmith
Birch William, farmer
Birch R., contractor
Brennan E., farmer
Brennan W., saddler
Brocas T. N.
Cains R., farmer
Cope James, contractor
Goodhew Earl G., farmer
Goodhew F.
Gubb L.H., teacher
Haines Albert J., farmer
Harris Thomas, contractor
Johnston Mrs. J., hotelkeeper
Jones William G., farmer
Jones E. J.
Josephs H., farmer
Josephs J. W., farmer
Joyce A. E., contractor
Joyce C. H., contractor
McBeth D. J., farmer
Mcleod William, farmer
Mail George, farmer
Mail Henry, farmer
O’Conell Michael, farmer
Passell James, postmaster
Penney J., farmer
Penney W. junior, farmer
Ritchie James, farmer
Swap W., sawmiller
Webster H. M., storekeeper
White J., farmer
White W., farmer
Wilcox W. T. teacher
Young A., farmer
Young H., farmer
Young F., farmer


Hokianga County: 192 miles North from Auckland;
steamer to Opua, rail to Kawakawa, coach to Okaihau,
thence 12 miles.  Mails close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m.,
arrive Taikawhana Wednesday 10.30 a.m.; close
Taikawhana Wednesday 12.20 p.m., arrive Auckland
Saturday early.  Nearest Tel. Office is Rangiahua, 11 miles

Crallon John, settler
Dobson Lloyd, settler
Eyre Stanley, farmer
Malcolm George, teacher
Minchin Thomas M., farmer
Nesbit and Faithfull, contractors
Shapland John D., farmer
Templeton – senior, settler
Templeton – junior, settler


Hokianga County: 134 miles North West of Auckland; rail
and steamer to
Dargaville, rail to Kaihu, thence by horse. Mails close
Auckland Monday, Friday 7.20 a.m., arrive Tutamoe
Tuesday, Saturday. 3.45 p.m.; close Tutamoe Tuesday,
Saturday 7.45 a.m., arrive Auckland Monday, Wednesday
9.20 a.m. Money Order, P.O. Savings Bank and Tel. Office
and Bureau.

Andrews C. J., farmer
Baker Joseph, machinist
Baker Lucy, farmer
Butler George, farmer
Foster John, farmer
Foster Horace, farmer
Gorrie Thomas Lennox, farmer
Gorrie William, labourer
Guerzon Joseph, farmer
Harling Clifford S., farmer
Heath Norman, farmer
Heath Samuel, farmer
Heath Samuel, secretary association
Heath Mary Ann, postmistress
Johnstone Robert, farmer
Jones Griffith, farmer
Moynihen John, farmer
Paton Laurence H., farmer
Pola John, farmer
Rowland William, farmer
Smith George B., farmer
Smith Thomas B. farmer
Smith William B., farmer
Smith John R, farmer
Spalding Albert, labourer
Stedman Charles, farmer
Tinhurst Mary, farmer
Tinhurst Edmond, farmer
Tinhurst Raymond, labourer
Van Veen Francis, farmer


Hokianga County: 197 miles North of Auckland; steamer to
Kohukohu from Onehunga, thence by launch.  Mails close
Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m., arrive Umawera Wednesday 9
a.m.; close Umawera Wednesday 1.50 p.m., arrive
Auckland Saturday early.  Nearest Tel. Station is
Rangiahua, 8 miles distant.

Groves John, farmer
Groves Sydney, butcher
Kennedy Robert K. joiner
Lomas -, dairy farmer
McIntyre Donald B., bus contractor
Perry C. and E., settlers
Pringle R., bushman
Purchas Charles W., farmer
Sharland Henry J., orchard
Templeton Henry, settler


Hokianga County: 184 miles North from Auckland;
steamer to Opua, rail to Kawakawa, thence by coach. Mails
close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m., Wednesday. 2.30 p.m.
Friday. 7.45 p.m., arrive. Utakura Tuesday, Thursday 2.5 p.
m., Saturday 3.50 p.m.; close Utakura Tuesday, Friday 8.35
a.m. Saturday 8 p.m., arrive Auckland Wednesday,
Saturday, Tuesday irregularly.  Tele. Office and Bureau.

Bernard Arthur M., farmer
Bernard Mary M., postmistress
Davison Frederick, farmer
Davison William, farmer
Flood and Son, storekeepers
Flood Robert P. farmer
Halmon Mrs H., teacher
Harrison Washington, farmer
Herbert J.. farmer
Jordan Thomas, farmer
Jordan Edward, labourer
Jordon Henry, labourer
Lewis C., farmer
Lewis Edgar, farmer
Thomas Francis, labourer
Trigg W. B., farmer
Webb Lucy


Hokianga County: 197 miles North of Auckland by steamer
from Onehunga to Rawene, thence by launch or horse 12
miles. Malls close Auckland Monday  4.30 p.m.,
Wednesday 2.30 p.m., arrive Waima Tuesday, Thursday
5.30 p.m.; close Waima Monday, Wednesday 3.45 p.m.,
arrive Auckland Wednesday, Saturday irregularly. Tel.
Office and Bureau.

Bindon B. E., teacher
Brocas Mrs
Brocas Norman, farmer and launch proprietor
Brocas T. N. & Sons, launch proprietor & farmers
Cassidy Adam, millhand
Cuff F., settler
Dunn Moses
Easson Sawmill. Co., Ltd.
Leef May, teacher
O’Brien W. manager
Ramsey W. P., millhand
Rogers H., teacher & P.M. (postmaster)
Rogers Mrs.
Solomon Seth
Thompson T., settler
White William, bushman
Wilcox David, interpreter
Williams Harold, engineer


Hokianga County: 141 miles North from Auckland. Rail
and steamer to Dargaville, rail to Kaihu, thence 22 miles.
Mails close Auckland Monday, Friday 7.20 a.m. arr.
Waimatenui Tuesday, Saturday 6 p.m., close Waimatenui
Tuesday, Saturday 6.5 a.m., arrive Auckland Monday,
Wednesday 9.20 a.m.  Tel. Office and Bureau and P.N.

Adams Alexander
Carpenter Charles, settler
Eland Thomas, settler
Fitch Abraham, settler
Groves Patrick, settler
Hill Alfred, farmer
McAllister Charles, settler
McKenzie Hugh D., farmer
Moore Charles, labourer
Moore George, farmer
Moore Henry, farmer
Moore Henry, labourer
Moore William, labourer
Morris Charles, station hand
Orr Frank, settler
Orr Jack, settler
Oliver Albert, settler
Parker Arthur, farmer
Parker Harry, farmer
Rintoul David, farmer
Rintoul Lindsay, farmer
Schepers Emile, farmer
Underwood George, settler
Whiting Alfred, farmer


Hokianga County: 222 miles North from Auckland:
Steamer from Onehunga to Omapere, thence by road 7
miles.  Mails close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m., Friday 7.45
p.m., arrive Waiotemarama Wednesday 8.30 a.m., Monday
a.m.; close Waiotemarama Wednesday 3.20 p.m., Monday
1.10 p.m., arrive
Auckland Wednesday, Saturday irregularly. Tele. Station
and Bureau, Money Order and Savings Bank Office.

Bourke Dora, farmer
Bourke Edith J., farmer
Bourke Leonard H., farmer
Bourke Percy
Burry Juanita
Corfield Andrew, farmer
Driffill William
Dutch Alexander
Dutch Alexander Silva
Fell Ernest T., farmer
Fell William H., saddler
Field Mrs
Freese Charles S. G.
Gordon Forbes B., teacher
Hodson Percy
Hodson Susan, teacher
Jones Francisco, farmer
Letts M. W., storekeeper
Lloyd James
Mead Arthur T., postmaster
Mitchell Thomas
Newton Mrs M. A. C.
Phillips Benjamin
Smith Mrs M.


Hokianga County:  230 miles North from Auckland;  
Steamer to Omapere, thence 13 miles by road.  Mails
close Auckland Monday 4.30 p.m., arrive Wekaweka  
Wednesday 10.45 a.m.; close Wekaweka Wednesday 1.15
p.m. , arrive Auckland Saturday early. Nearest Tele. Office
is Waimamaku, 6 miles distant.

Anderson G. Edward, farmer
Bartlett J.
Drewett Mrs M. A.
Goodison Mrs, farmer
Hall Arthur, farmer
Hawkings Edgar, farmer
Hedger George. farmer
Jones E. D., farmer
Lowe Ernest R. farmer
Lowe H., farmer
Martin James D., farmer
Mason Herbert, farmer
May David, farmer
Money Alfred, farmer
Money William Henry, farmer
Parlain Robert, farmer
Pettman A. V, farmer
Powick Ernest Jesse, farmer
Powick Jessie, farmer
Powick Maurice, farmer
Roberts H., farmer


Hokianga County:  210 miles North from Auckland;  
Steamer to Rawene , thence launch.  Mails close Auckland
Wednesday  2.30 p.m., arrive Whakarapa Saturday with
tide; close Whakarapa Friday 5 p.m. , Tuesday irregularly.  
Telephone Office and Bureau.

Andrewes A. S. and Sons, general storekeepers
Butler Francis, labourer
Callaway Miss, teacher
Dutch David, labourer
Foster F. L., storekeeper
Irvine Lucy
Irvine Mary
Irvine Maudlin Lucy
Irvine Minna Sophia
Irvine W. C., farmer
Johnson G., teacher
Johnson Mary, teacher
Tate Joseph


Hokianga County. : 241 miles North from Auckland:
steamer to Mangonui, thence coach to Kaitaia, thence by
horse, also steamer to Opua, coach to Horeke, launch to
Rangi Point, thence horse.  Mails close Auckland Monday
4.30 p.m., Friday 7.45 p.m., arrive Whangape Monday,
Wednesday 10.30 a.m., close Whangape Monday 10.45 a.
m., Wednesday 11.15 a.m., arrive Auckland Saturday,
Tuesday early. Tel. Office and Bureau and Savings Bank.

Amukeit S., bushman
Ashby A., saw doctor
Bennet John, teacher
Butt G. C., accountant
Epiha Sam, seaman
Feely T., engineer
Hampton -, millhand
Haringa Tone, farmer
Harrison John, farmer
Harrison J. and Co.
Henry William, bushman
Heller Frank, seaman
Himiona A., farmer
Irving Newell, bush contractor
Ihaka W., labourer
Irwin W. A., ferryman
Johnson I. H., cook
Kamira Karu, bushman
Kean E., master mariner
Leaf William, ferryman
Lecoustre Leonard, Settler
Kereama Mei, farmer.
Lindgard Paul, millhand
Lisle Frank, Native teacher
Maihi Andrew, millhand
Maihi Manuel, millhand
Marupo John, sailor
Matthews F. W., secretary
McMath A. T., interpreter
Murray George, farmer
Murray Tua, farmer
Murray Walter, farmer
Ngawaka Parore, farmer
Ngawaka Andrew, farmer
Paraihe Peri, farmer
Perepeti W., farmer
Peri, Tamaho, farmer
Proctor William, mill hand
Puku Waru, farmer
Puku Henare, farmer
Puku Hokai, farmer
Puku Taylor, millhand
Ratana Wihihi, bushman
Ratana Peri, millhand
Ritete Pirini, farmer
Ritete Ngatote, farmer
Salt Arthur, sailor
Staunton Peter, settler
Taitimu Ngawati, farmer
Tamaho W., farmer
Tahana Wano
Tahana William. farmer
Te Wake Hotene, farmer
Te Huhu Peri, farmer
Topoi Moa, farmer
Waipouri Tamatl, settler
Waipouri Ritete, farmer
Wharewaka Topia, labourer
Wharewaka Hone, farmer
Wikiripi K., farmer
Wiripo Matui, farmer
Wikitera Robert, millhand
Wi Peni, millhand
Williams H. W., bush contractor
Williamson F., farmer
Williamson William, farmer
Yates Pat., stableman

Hokianga County. : 122 miles North from Auckland: Rail to
Helensville, steamer to Dargaville, rail to Kaihu, thence 3
miles by road. Mails close Auckland Monday, Friday 7.20 a.
m., arrive Whatoro Tuesday, Saturday 12.30 p.m., close
Whatoro Tuesday, Saturday 10.15 a.m., arrive Auckland
Wednesday, Monday 9.20 a.m.  Tel Office and Bureau.

Amereine Nicolas, carpenter
Aretai Ge, settler
Aretai William, settler
Bedggood W., settler
Boyes Frank, bushman
Boyd John, gumdigger
Benson S., gumdigger
Bishop Eric, settler
Cossey Benjamin, settler
Doak S., sawmiller
Evans Benjamin, settler
Evans Annie, domestic
Evans Willie, bushman
Evans James, bushman
Gaze Desmond, bushman
Gaze Julia
Gaze Mrs O.
Gaze Owen, settler
Johnson A., gumdigger
Joff F., settler
Johnson Isaac, gumdigger
Kitchen John, settler
Kitchen Robert, settler
Kohn W. F., bushman
Miller Edward, gumdigger
Larsen Bros., settlers
Leef George, sleepermaker
McGonnel Patrick, bushman
Morrough Frank, gumdigger
Neal Geraldine
Neale j. H., settler
Nelson Ann, domestic
Nelson Lewis D., assistant
Nelson Martin J., storekeeper
Nelson Martin E., assistant
Nelson Theodore, bush contractor
Newman Frank, settler
Newman R., settler
Nilssen J., settler
Sarich J., labourer
Sherman John, settler
Warner George, settler


Hokianga County : 208 miles North from Auckland,
steamer to Opononi, thence 8 miles. Mails close Auckland
Monday 4.30 p.m., Wednesday 2.30 p.m., or Thursday
irregularly, arrive Whirinaki Wednesday 11.30 a.m.,
Saturday 10 a.m., close Whirinaki Wednesday 12.15 p.m.,
Saturday lO.15 a.m. arrive Auckland Saturday, Tuesday
early. Tel. Office and Bureau.

Ayrton John, farmer
Coupe William, storekeeper
Ferguson Neil J., farmer
Hamilton H. A., teacher
Hanlon Thomas W.. farmer
Heretini Rev. Te Tuhi, minister
Holland Henry, farmer
Jackson W. J., farmer
Jamieson John, farmer
Kohu Wano, farmer and carpenter
Leer Pere,. dairy farmer
Leef Robert, farmer
Newall Thomas, farmer
Rawiri Tamaho, farmer
Russell Robert Boyd
Utting Arthur, farmer
Vipond William, farmer
Wright A. W., farmer
Cleave's 1915 Directory

The 1915 Directory is important as it reflects the location
and names of families at the outbreak of World War I -
Most of the data would have been collected in 1914.
Many family members who often saw it as an opportunity
to travel the world, enlisted and many were killed at
Gallipoli, the various battles at Passchendaele, Ypres
and the Somme.  The names of those who died can be
here. An alphabetical lisitng of names can be
Frontspage, Cleave's 1915 Auckland and Provincial Directory. Leader article
from the New Zealand Herald, 6 August 1914, courtesy PapersPast
Hokianga History and Memorabilia