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Some Early Residents of Hokianga
1854 Electoral Roll
New Zealand's First Parliament

      The first Parliament consisted of thirty-seven representatives representing twenty-
four electorates and opened on 24 May 1854, following New Zealand's first general
election (held the previous year). It was dissolved on 15 September 1855 in
preparation for that year's election.
      Hugh Francis Carleton (3 July 1810 – 14 July 1890), an Independent, was the
representative for the Bay of Islands District which included the Hokianga.  Carleton
had settled in the Bay of Islands in 1842 and on 30 November 1859, he married Lydia
Jane Williams, youngest daughter of the missionary Henry Williams and Marianne
Williams.  Carleton became a journalist in Auckland and edited
The New Zealander
then established the
Anglo-Maori Warder, which followed an editorial policy in
opposition to Governor George Grey and in 1856 he became the editor of
Southern Cross
, the early Auckland Newspaper.
Seal of New Zealand used from
1850 to 1959
Hokianga History and Memorabilia
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Hokianga - 1854 Electoral Roll
The Electoral Roll was constituted on a Provincial Basis over the period 1853-1854.  Hokianga was included in the
Bay of Islands District which in turn was within the Auckland Province.

Name                                        Abode            Calling                                 Qualification (for vote)

Anderson John                      Hokianga        Carpenter                             Freehold Estate and
Aubrey R. H.                          Hokianga        Sub-Collector Customs        Householder
Baker John                            Hokianga        Sawyer                                 Freeholder
Bowyer Francis                     Hokianga        Sawyer                                  Householder
Boyce Edward                       Hokianga        Sawyer                                  Householder
Bryers Joseph                       Hokianga        Sawyer                                  Freeholder
Chapman Alexander             Hokianga        Shipwright                              Leaseholder
Clark John                             Hokianga        Trader                                   Householder
Cochrane Dennis B.              Hokianga        Stockholder                           Freeholder
Franks John                          Hokianga        Sawyer                                  Householder
Hansey Michael                     Hokianga        Sawyer                                  Householder
Harris Christopher                 Hokianga        Sawyer                                  Freeholder
Hobbs John                           Hokianga        Wesleyan Minister                 Householder
Maning                                   Hokianga        Settler                                  Householder
Marmon John                         Hokianga        Stockholder                          Landholder
Marriner Richard (Marriner)   Hokianga        Settler                                  Householder
Martin John                            Hokianga        Pilot                                      Householder
Munhall Hugh                         Hokianga        Shipwright                            Householder
Munro William                        Hokianga        Stockholder                          Landholder
Murray Alfred                         Hokianga        Shipwright                            Householder
Nimmo George                       Hokianga        Cabinet Maker                     Householder
Rowe James                           Hokianga        Settler                                 Householder
Russell George F.                  Hokianga        Merchant                             Landed Proprietor
Smith Alfred W.                      Hokianga        Settler                                  Householder
Trusted William                      Hokianga        Trader                                  Freeholder
Warren John                          Waima            Wesleyan Minister                Householder
White William                         Hokianga        Trader                                  Landholder
Wright John                           Hokianga        Blacksmith                            Householder
Young William                       Hokianga        Settler                                   Householder