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Hokianga Historical Society Newsletters -

(collection of past newsletters)
Updated: 2 June 2020
Website Owner: Dr. Kenneth M. Baker

December 2014 - Annual Christmas/New Year Harbour trip to take place on 28th December 2014 and booking
instructions; Seeking Hokianga stories from the 1914-1918 was period; Calling for those tardy with their Member
subscriptions to pay up - otherwise as the rules say, communications will stop.

October 2014 - Koutu Boulders excursion led by Dr. Seabourne Rust on 26th October; Annual Lunch at Wildspur Lodge
on Saturday 15th November - speaker is HHS patron Heather Ayrton talking about her childood friend Dr. Janet Irwin,
only daughter of Dr. G. M. Smith; Rev Daniel Ambler to bless the statue of Opo the Dolphin in the new surroundings of
the Museum and attended by a group from Matamata/Hinuera;  October 12th talk by Dr. Ken Baker about visits to the
WW1 graves of Hokianga men in Europe and the context of Hokianga in the war; 28th September talk by Gwen Freese
on Dr. Smith's legacy.  

August 2014 - AGM Papers - Preparatory material for the AGM to be held at Omapere Church Centre at 2.30 p.m. on
23rd August 2014.  Agenda, Nomination Forms and Proposed Constitution.

May and June 2014 - 2014 plan for Sunday Afternoons in the Museum (Film & Soup 29th June; Photography 27th July;
Area School 31st August; Dr Smith's Legacy, 28th September); Members Meetings 19th July and AGM 23rd August,
Labour Weekend Trip to the Koutu Boulders, Annual Dinner 14th November, Harbour Trip 28th December, World War 1
Research and placing of Hokianga Flowers on graves of the fallen plus photos, visit by Alexander McCall Smith,
grandson of Dr. Smith of Rawene, request for any information about Wiremu Colenso aka Willie or Wi born 1851 to
Ripeke Meretene and son of William Colenso.  

April 2014 - Sunset Cruise planned for Easter Sunday 20 April, recent trip to the Ambler farm overlooking the
Waimamaku River, deaths of long time members Maureen Mills and Jean Garriock, school visit to view historic Opo the
Dolphin statue, new Visit Us - Where to Find Us brochure available, Bev Cox mural of Opononi Pakanae history at the
Opononi i-Site.

December 2013 - List of Summer 2014 events, Sunset Cruise 29 December, Walk and picnic to view Waimamaku from
on high 11 January 2014, Twilight Cruise 26 January 2014.

October and November 2013 - Plans for Members' lunch on 16 November at the Opononi Hotel, former patron Mrs
Ethel Pickering passes away at the age of 97, Opo the dolphin replica unveiled, history of Hokianga's South headland
told on Department of Conservation interpretation plinths installed on the edge of the Araiteuru Reserve and unveiled on
12 October 2013, Stephen King talks about the Kauri of the Waipoua Forest, statue of Saint Francis in Kokohuia Road by
sculptress Agnes Mann.    

September 2013 - Results of AGM; unveiling of new Opo Dolphin Statue in Opononi scheduled for 14th September
2013; Hokianga Remembers - WWI afternoon 15th September 2013 at Museum; Stephen King to talk about Waipoua
Forest on 6th October 2013; Annual Lunch on November 16th at 2013 - speaker Dr. Tony Birch, formerly Head of
Rawene Hospital; Waimamaku Methodist Church decomissioned;    

July 2013 - AGM (Annual General Meeting) plans for 18th August 2013 at Omapere Church Centre; speaker Mita Harris,
Property Manager, New Zealand Historic Places Trust; report of Noel Hilliam talk at the last Afternoon in the Museum on
"Digging up Shipwrecks; Next Afternoon by Nick Williams on Hokianga Boats and Boaties on Sunday 28th July 2013;
Plans for WW1 commemoration; Information sought on Henry or Kato Williams born 1896 and John Wright, blacksmith
of Otarahiko near Mangamuka.

June 2013 -  Forward programme "Sunday Afternoons in the Museum" for 2013, report of the 40th Anniversary
celebrations, Opo statue now at the Museum.

May 2013 -  Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Society, wreck of the India 1883, Ventnor Project, Statue Opo
the Dolphin restoration, World War I Commemoration, new family links (John Wright, William Cook).

December 2012 - Exhibition "Soaring over the Hokianga", Motukaraka (Galloway's and Donaldson's) Island cruise,
Annual Dinner, Heather Ayrton new Patron.

October 2012 - Patron Ethel Pickering retires, George Nichols honoured, Annual Dinner

September 2012 - Results of Elections for Society Executive and Museum Management Team, change of Patron, Annual
Dinner, The wreck of the Jospeh Craig 1877, exhibition "A Good Yarn", Northern Fashion Fibres Waimamaku, Opo
Statue plans.

August 2012 - AGM preparation, rules and past Committee Members, “Sunday Afternoons in the Museum” with Louis
Toorenburg on his Hippie days, Barbara Ward’s entertaining tales from the Hokianga Coastguard and Seabourne Rust
on the study of Hokianga’s fossils.

July 2012 - Historical Taheke Hotel Visit, Lindsay Gray retires, new volunteers Diane Hunia from Koutu and Hillary
Edwards from Whirinaki, landscape planting around the Museum.

March 2012 - "" website open and featuring new Museum inauguration. Future Events Programme -
Boat trip Motuti, Historic Taheke Hotel, Waimamuku Wild West Fest.

September 2011 - Annual Dinner with Speaker Judge Andrew Spencer, of the Northland Maori Land Court, Trip on the
Water, Progress on the new Museum, Society Officers elected.  

July 2011 - AGM Plans, Return to the Water on the "Hokianga Express", Garden Shed raffle, Hokianga Country Music
Festival, Annual Subscriptions, Nomination form for Officers of the Society.

May 2011 - Building started 12 January and Ethel Pickering turns the first sod for the new Museum, event plans,
McKenzie family of Broadwood/Herekino.
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