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Hokianga Historical Society Publications
Updated: 15 March 2019
Website Owner: Dr. Kenneth M. Baker
The Society's historical publication (2010)

In its original form the journal covering the period
January to July 1847, exists as a pair of
handwritten notebooks in the Special Collections
of the of the Auckland City Libraries who kindly
gave their permission to transcribe and publish
this important document covering early Hokianga
and New Zealand History.  The transcription was
carried out for the Hokianga Historical Society by
Owen and Alexa Whaley.

The Journal is rich in its descriptions of people
and places on the Hokianga in 1847 and the
transcription is dedicated to the descendants and
all the people of Hokianga.

The publication is available from the Society
by written postal application at a price of
$25 New Zealand Dollars plus post and
packaging.  All orders should be addressed
to the Society in writing at P.O. Box 26,
Opononi 0445, South Hokianga, New Zealand.
Born in 1818 in Montrose, Scotland, John Webster had been in
Hokianga almost six years when he began writing his journal. By
1847 he would have been twenty-eight, fancy-free, and acting as
a Hokianga trading agent for Hastings Atkins and his then
partner John Logan Campbell. He had based himself at
Rangiora, a property recently vacated by Hokianga's Customs
Officer and Postmaster Lieut. St. Aubyn. At the end of 1847 John
left Hokianga to work in Brown and Campbell's newly opened
second store in Auckland.
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