Below is the list of those 116 known (soldiers and other service people) who died in
service and who had links to the Hokianga - born, had family, worked or enlisted
there or their names are on the Hokianga Arch of Rememberance at KohuKohu and
other monuments in the Area.  

More detailed information including their relationship to the Hokianga on each
serviceman is available by clicking on this link

  also contact the Hokianga Historical Society hhs(at) for more background

(please note the list is not necessarily complete and we would be happy to hear of any omissions)

Surname              First Name(s)                                    Date of Death                         Theatre/Place of Death
Adams                   James                                   02 June 1918               New Zealand
Aimer                      George Edmond Vernon   20 June 1916              London Air War
Anderson               Henry Kemp                         21 May 1915               Gallipoli
Barber                     Hellard                                  28 July 1916               Egypt
Barrington              Albert John                           03 July 1916               Somme, France
Baxter                      Bernard Eyre                        29 April 1915             Gallipoli
Baxter                      Gordon Eyre                         08 October 1918       France
Beattie                     Cyril Cicero Peter                25 March 1919           Germany, Injured in demobilisation train accident
Beattie                     Robert Avon                         14 September 1916  Somme, France
Begg                        Kenneth Humphreys          25 April 1915              Gallipoli
Boreham                 Alfred Clifford                       25 April 1915              Gallipoli
Bourke                     John Joseph                        15 September 1916  Somme, France
Bourke                     Percy William                       19 July 1916               Somme (Armentieres), France
Bridge                      William Henry                      12 October 1917        Ypres (Passchendaale)
Brook                      Julian Cornelius                   02 September 1918  Somme, France
Brown                     James Douglas                    11 April 1918              Somme, France
Claasen                 Ernest Leopold                      22 April 1917              Egypt
Claasen                 Hubert                                     15 September 1916  Somme, France
Cochrane               Robert                                     03 August 1918          France
Cosgrave               Stephen Laurence                19 October 1917        France
Costello                  Patrick John                           11 May 1917               France
Coster                     John Paper                            05 June 1915             Gallipoli
De Andrad              Alfred Manuel                         08 May 1915               Gallipoli
Donelley                 Robert Edward                      08 August 1915          Gallipoli
Downes                  Albert                                       09 September 1915  Malta
Downes                  Arthur Owen                           27 August 1915          Gallipoli
Drewet                     Oliver Hawkes                      08 May 1915                Gallipoli
Driffill                       William Charles Howell      18 May 1916                Somme, France
Edwards                 Stanley                                    17 September 1916   Somme, France
Ensor                      Charles Hedley Vickers       06 June 1917               Belgium
Enwright                 Francis Bernard                     28 May 1915                Gallipoli
Eyes                        Frederick John                       08 October 1918          Le Cateau, France
Faithfull                   Charles Baker                        31 July 1917                Ypres, Belgium
Faithfull                   William McCathie                  02 May 1918                 Somme, France
Fatt                           James                                     06 May 1918                Belgium (France)
Flood                       Thomas Frederick                12 October 1917          Ypres (Passchendaale)
Ford                         William Alexander                 25 September 1916    Somme, France
Foster                     Horace Alexander                  01 September 1918    Havrincourt, France
Francis                   Sydney Patterson Emilius    16 June 1917               France
Groves                    Sydney Thomas James         26 March 1918           Somme, France
Halliwell                 Herbert                                      08 June 1918              France (died of disease)
Harding                  James Joseph                        03 July 1916                Somme, France
Harding                  Whetu                                        06 August 1917          Ypres (Passchendael)
Hayes                     Robert                                       29 July 1917                Ypres, Belgium
Hockey                   Charles Henry                         08 March 1918             France (died of disease)
Hodgson                Thomas Henry                        30 December 1916     France
Joyce                       Ivan                                           28 August 1918            France
Kendall                   Thomas                                   25 November 1917      Palestine
Keymer                   George Edward                     12 October 1917           Ypres, Belgium
Kjoller                      James                                     19 June 1916                 France
Lane                        Horace Alfred                         15 September 1916     Somme, France
Leef                         George                                     30 December 1918      New Zealand (died of gas and disease)
Leef                         Joseph                                     02 October 1918           New Zealand (died of disease)
Lees                        Frank F.                                   14 August 1917              France
Lees                        Henry John                              27 March 1918              Somme, France
Mansbridge            Sydney                                     24 August 1918             Bapaume, France
Martin                      John Anthony                           06 October 1919           Murmansk, Russia (drowning)
Matiu                        Hone                                        18 October 1919            New Zealand
McLeod                   Alex                                           17 August 1917             France
Moka aka Williams        James                             30 September 1918     Somme, France
Moka aka Williams        Willie                                04 September 1918     France
Morgan                   Joseph Iraia                             29 July 1917                   Ypres (Passchendaale)
Muriwai                   John                                          28 June 1915                 Wellington, New Zealand
Nash                       Francis                                     11 February 1917          France
Nevitt                       Gerald                                       16 October 1914           Egypt
Nevitt                       Henry                                         28 December 1917      Ypres, Belgium
Newman                Wilfred Clynes                         04 October 1917            Ypres (Passchendaale)
Newton                   Frederick John                        03 July 1916                   Somme, France
Nolan                      Dermot Lister                          08 August 1915             Gallipoli
Norton                     Robert Arthur                          10 October 1918             England
Page                       Harold Joseph                        26 September 1916       Somme, France
Passell                   James                                      05 December 1917        Ypres (Passchendaale)
Pearce                    Arthur Hambley                       23 October 1917             Belgium
Perry                        Eric Howard                            13 July 1916                     Egypt
Philipps                  Frederick Emerson                12 October 1917             Belgium
Philips                    Edward Matson                       12 October 1917             Ypres (Passchendaale)
Philips                    Malcolm Innes                         28 September 1916       Somme, France
Phillips                   Fred (Frederick) E.                  27 August 1918               France
Powell                     Victor Ivan                                 26 September 1916       Somme, France
Powell                     Gerald Massey                        06 June 1916                  Somme, France
Power                     Hone Manahi                            07 December 1917       Ypres (Passchendaale)
Rata                        Jerry                                           20 June 1918                  Somme, France
Ratana                    Wiremu                                     30 July 1916                    France (died of wounds)
Rewi aka Williams        Perenara                          23 March 1917                Messines, Belgium
Ridgers aka Ridges     Albert                                 21 September 1916       Somme, France
Ritchie                     Charles Alexander                 27 September 1916        France
Smith aka Seaton         Nimrod Bendigo Fred aka John    7 May 1918      France
Smith                       Haka                                         19 November 1917          Ypres (Passchendaale)
Smith                       Joseph James Frank            07 June 1917                    Messines, Belgium
Stancliffe                 Thomas                                   26 September 1916         France
Taffard                     Edmond Ernest                      01 October 1918               France
Tarbutt                     Edwin Benjamin                     03 September 1918         France
Tawhai                    Hohepa Tuapaki                     07 December 1916          France
Te Whata                Peter                                         23 March 1917                   Belgium
Tipene                     Wiparata                                  11 April 1918                      France
Tucker                     George Warrington                17 September 1919          New Zealand
Tucker                     Ralph Cecil                              04 September 1916         New Zealand
Tucker                     George Warrington                17 September 1919          New Zealand
Vaughan                 Joseph                                     29 March 1918                    Somme, France
Ward                        Alfred George                         16 September 1917           Ypres (Passchendaale)
Warner                    William Henry                         08 May 1915                        Gallipoli
Waru                        Kopa                                         08 June 1917                      Belgium
Waru                        Henare                                     08 June 1916                      Somme, France
Wiki                          Frank                                        03 June 1917                      Belgium
Wikitera                   Robert                                      19 November 1917            Belgium
Williams aka Moka        Willie                                04 September 1918           France
Williams aka Moka         James                            30 September 1918           Somme, France
Williams                 Alfred Edward                         11 August 1915                   Gallipoli
Williams                 Frank Henry                             01 October 1918                Le Cateau, France
Williams                 Joe                                            13 August 1915                  Gallipoli
Williams                 Wilfred Richard                       31 July 1917                        Ypres (Passchendaale)
Williamson             Frederick                                 10 October 1917                Ypres, Belgium
Wipani                     John                                         06 May 1916                        Dunkirk, France
Witana                     Abraham                                 01 November 1917            Belgium
Wooster                   Frank Rupert                         27 January 1919                 New Zealand
Wright                      George Charles                    26 September 1916           Somme, France
Young                      Frank Gladstone Rameka   08 December 1917            Belgium (died of wounds)
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World War I and the Hokianga
Updated: 15 March 2019
Website Owner: Dr. Kenneth M. Baker
      August 2014 marks the  
centenary of the beginning of the
First World War when the Austro-
Hungarian Empire invaded Serbia on
the 28 July 1914.
      In recognition of the fact that so
many young men from the Hokianga
enlisted as early as they could, and
our memorials testify to the great
number who never returned we
produce on these pages, the list of
men who never returned and some
who passed away in New Zealand.  
The first soldiers left New Zealand
in October 1914.
      What sort of effect did this have
on the lives of the families
remaining?   And the men who
returned – did they resume where
they had left off?  How did Maori
families fare? (Sickness /
Disablement Benefits were less for
Maori than for pakeha)  How much
Hokianga land went into in the
Returned Servicemen’s land-ballot?   
      These and a lot of other
questions will be investigated over
the next year and we would be very
grateful for input of any sort from
affected families.   100 years is
beyond personal memory now so
we are reliant on written records,
though family tradition has a part to
play too.   
      The Society welcomes input
and contributions of documents and
original material.
Above: Examples of WWI artifacts contained in the Hokianga Historical Society Archives
Hokianga History and Memorabilia
Visit our Current WW1 Commemorative Exhibition at the Museum
The part played by the people and soldiers of  the Hokianga Region - Original documents,
posters, photographs and newspapers of the day from around the world.
Above: Detail of the WW! Commemorative Exhibition at the Museum of the Hokianga Historical
Society at Omapere - photo courtesy Owen Whaley
Poppies in Flanders Fields
Poppies in Flanders Fields