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World War I - Hokianga Reserve Lists
Updated: 15 March 2019
Website Owner: Dr. Kenneth M. Baker
    August 2014 marks the centenary of the
beginning of the First World War when the
Austro-Hungarian Empire invaded Serbia on the
28 July 1914.  In recognition of the fact that so
many young men from the Hokianga enlisted as
early as they could, and our memorials testify to
the great number who never returned we
produce on this page, the list of men who
registered.  Other pages (see
HERE) list those
who never returned or died in New Zealand as
a result of injuries received.  The first soldiers
left New Zealand in October 1914.  
    What sort of effect did this have on the lives
of the families remaining?   And the men who
returned – did they resume where they had left
off?  How did Maori families fare? (Sickness /
Disablement Benefits were less for Maori than
for pakeha)  How much Hokianga land went into
in the Returned Servicemen’s land-ballot?   
These and a lot of other questions will be
investigated over the next year and we would
be very grateful for input of any sort from
affected families.   100 years is beyond
personal memory now so we are reliant on
written records, though family tradition has a
part to play too.   
Hokianga Historical Society welcomes
any input and material from this period
Hokianga WW1 Reserve Lists and the Towns they came from:
(data set contains information similar to a census with name, location,
occupation and for 1917 data, number of children)
The source of this data is the “Nominal Rolls” which were compiled under the
“National Registration Act 1915” and printed by the Government Printer, Marcus
F. Marks.  They provide an index of soldiers and men who were enlisted into
compulsory military service in the
New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF)
during World War I.  The first roll (1st Division) was compiled in
September 1916 and the second roll (2nd Division) was compiled from August to
October 1917.  

During the war, approximately 124,000 New Zealanders had served in the NZEF,
nearly half of the eligible male population of 250,000. About 100,000 were sent
overseas to fight in France, Belgium, Egypt, Palestine, and Gallipoli. Nearly
17,000 died of wounds or sickness while on active service during the war, and
another 35,000 were wounded.

The Reserve consisted of male, natural-born British subjects between 20 and 45
years old, who were unmarried, were married since May 1915 and had no children
under sixteen by a previous marriage, were widowers with no children under
sixteen, or were divorced with no children under sixteen.

The data here is for the Hokianga County only and is organised by the town in
which the individual was working at the time of constitution of the rolls and gives
the name and occupation.  A short description of the town as laid in the New
Zealand Index of 1915 is also included. Initially, the force was composed of
volunteers however conscription was introduced in August 1916.  
Note: Some
reservists registered their residency as being in Hokianga County although in
reality they hailed from neighbouring Counties, notably Bay of Islands County and
Hobson County.  They are included here because they apparently felt they were
from the Region.
The 2nd Division roll also includes a classification for each record based on the
number of children of the reservist as follows:
•        Class A is for reservists with no children
•        Class B for one child
•        Class C for two children
•        Class D for three children
•        Class E for four children
•        Class F for more than four children.

The roll serves as a sort of census of men of eligible age as it gives their
residence and also in the case of the 2nd Division, the number of children in the
family at the time.
The alphabetical list of towns and registered reservists

ARANGA, 126 miles north from Auckland; steamer and rail via Dargaville to Kaihu, then six miles.  In Hokianga County.  New name for
Maunganui Bluff, which see.  Telephone office.  Four miles from coast; where good net and shell fishing.  Nearest doctor at Dargaville
(17 miles rail). Post office.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Greenwell, Frederick Alexander        Farmer        
Greenwell, William Stanley                 Farmer        
Kerr, John Henry                                Farmer        
Kerr, Robert Cromwell                       Farmer & Contractor        
Perrow, John Adolphus                     Dairy Farmer        

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Cave, John James Carsley                Dairyman               C
Llewellyn, Samuel David                    Farmer                   D
Parker, John Henry                            Farmer                   D

AWARUA (Kaikohe), description not found in 1915 New Zealand Index

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Henley, David                                     Farmer

BROADWOOD, Auckland.  A small farming settlement 223 miles north from Auckland.  Steamer to Rawene weekly (26s.), then by
horse for 17 miles.  In Hokianga County.  Farming. Wild pigs and native game, such as pigeons, kakas, quail, etc.; also pheasants may
be had here in season.  Gold and silver has also been found in payable quantities on the main road, called the Broadwood - Takahua
road.  Formerly called Mongonui-o-Wae because of the river of that name, but changed by settlers in 1891, at request of P.O., and as
the broad district was then covered with wood or bush, hence “Broadwood”.  River, with other smaller streams, falls into Whangapi
River.  Several pretty waterfalls, one of 100ft high.  Nearest doctor at Rawene, 17 miles. Post and telegraph office.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Gregory, Arthur                                  Farmer
Kjoller, Martin William                          Farmer
Lee, Leslie Noel                                  Bushman
Lee, Louis John                                  Milker
Tills, Charles                                       Schoolteacher

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Atkinson, Walter Vernon                     Farmer             C
Carman, Frederick George                  Farmer             E
Dodds, James                                      Storekeeper    B
Dodds, John                                         Farmer            E
Gray, Henry George Lewis                 Farm Manager F
Harlow, William                                    Farmer             D
Harris, George jun.                              Farmer             C
Mackenzie, James                               Farmer             D
Maultsaid, Louis William                       Farmer             E
McGrath, James                                  Sheep & Cattle Farmer        C
Minchin, Thomas                                  Farmer            D
Newman, Koussuth                             Farmer            E
Newton, Herbert Coombs                    Dairy Farmer   D
Robertson, George Alexander            Farmer             D
Sadler, Walter                                      Farmer            C
Yarborough, Archibald                        Farmer            A

HEREKINO, Auckland. 234 miles north from Auckland, on herekino Harbour.  Steamer to Mangonui (which see), then either coach to
Kaitaia 31 miles, and thence by horse 22 miles (53 miles), or by steamer from Auckland to Awanui, and thence by horse, 26 miles,
from Awanui.  Native and imported game plentiful all over district, salt water fishing in abundance.  Kauri timber plentiful, gum scattered
over district.  Has a broad subtropical climate, and all kinds of subtropical fruits grow here.  Splendid alluvial land in patches, and large
tracts of Crown land of best quality.  Two stores and three good accomodation houses.  Post and telegraph offices.  Herekino means
“a bad tie” and the story is that on Captain Cook’s visit the natives captured a European and tied him up ready to devour him next day,
but the knot gave way and he escaped.  Nearest doctor at Kaitaia, 22 miles.  An Austrian settlement here, where wine growing is
carried on.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Baker, Frank                                         Farmer
Bunkall, Thomas John                           Farmer
Curling, William Randall         
Curreen, Peter                                       Labourer
De Andrad, Lewis                                 Farm-hand
Edwards, Griffith                                   Farmer (Mangonui)
Hodges, William James                          Farmer
Lecoustre, Arthur Edward Leopold      Dairy Farmer
Lee, Francis Blacklock                          Dairy Company Secretary
McLeod, Owen Silas                             Civil Servant, c/o R A McLaeod  
Murray, Robert Carson                          Farmer
Noble, Lloyd                                           Farmer
Rowe, James                                         Dairy Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Allen, Joseph Hocking                           Farmhand           B
Baker, Edwin Herbert                            Farmer                F
Baker, James                                         Dairy Farmer      D
Baker, Meredith Valentine                      Farmer (Herekino North)        A
Berghan, Allen Hanial                            Carter                 E
Bowman, Henry                                     Farmer               E
Corbett, Louis Esking Moor                    Dairy Farmer      A
Dawson, George                                   Farmer               D
Hunt, William Edward                             Police Constable                     C
Lloyd, Lawrence                                   Labourer            D
Old, Henry                                              Butter Factory Manager         C
Peters, Joseph                                       Horse Shoer      B
Powell, Alfred Charlton                          Farmer               C
Powell, Herbert                                      Farmer                F
Rowe, Robert                                        Sheep Farmer, Willowbank     C
Smith, Thomas Edwin William                 Farmer               D

HOKIANGA HEADS, On north-west coast of Auckland.  Navigable for small vessels for some miles.  Tri-weekly steamer from
Onehunga.  Hokianga, or, as the old Maoris pronouce it, “Shokianga”, means “come back”.  Is fitted for carrying on a great sea trade.  
Bar is generally negotiable.  The entrance to the river has been described as a picture.  Omapere is at the entrance.

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Daniel, Charles Bamford         Shipmaster        D

HOREKE, 190 miles north of Auckland (by steamer to Opua, 26 s; rail to Kohu Kohu; is at thead of navigable water on the Hokianga
Harbour, 22 m from the bar, and vessels of 1000 tons can berth at the wharf at high tide.  Is the terminus of the Kawakawa Hokianga
mail route, via Ohaewai and Okaihaw (Okanhau?).  In summer roads good for cycling and motoring.  One hotel.  Important flaxmilling
centre, and has a large area of rich alluvial land occupied by large Native population.  Post and telephone.  Horeke means “a
challenge”.  Nearest doctor at Kohu Kohu, 3 miles.  A very ancient European burial ground (probably the oldest in New Zealand)  is
here; contains the grave of an old sailing captain who dies as far back as 1808.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
McBreen, Patrick                                  Labourer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Gray, Ernest                                         Farmer & Beekeper        F
Whitehead, Alfred Bertram                   Bush Contractor            D
Whitehead, George                               Bush Contractor            E
Yorke, Albert Samuel                            Bushman                       C

IVYDALE, Auckland.  195m N.E. from Auckland.  Steamer to Kohu Kohu, then launch tri-weekly, 1 m. Hokianga County.  Fruit
preserving.  Canning factory is in district, about three quarters of a mile.  Has the oldest cemetery in N.Z.  Most of the graves are very
much overgrown and fallen to decay, but plainly visible on one ancient tombstone is the date 1812.  Mangunga, (Mangnunu?) where
the cemetery is situated, was the first mission station in N.Z., and it was here that one of the missionaries liberated the first bees.  
Fairly good fishing in river.  Doctor at Rawene, 5m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Cook, Richard                                      Bushman

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Shelford, Peter                                    Bushman                        F

KOHUKOHU (KOHU KOHU), Auckland. Hokianga County.  On Hokianga Harbour.  194 miles north-east by weekly steamer from
Onehunga, fare 32s 6d.  The boats load timber here, and Rangiora Timber Co. have mills and offices here.  Timber milling and kauri gum
digging are chief industries. Four stores and one hotel; post, money order, and telephone office.  Good shooting, and excellent fishing
in harbour.  Doctor resident.  The name has a blasphemous meaning.  The place is really a New Zealand Venice, all the traffic being
carried on by motor launches, of which there are about 200.  Is 4m up river from Rawene, 20 m from Heads.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Clapham, Mervyn George                  Farm Assistant
Clark, John Adam                               Mill Hand
Cochrane, John Edward                    Mill Hand
Cope, George                                     Farm Labourer
Donelley, Daniel David                        Blacksmith
Donelley, Makarena                            Labourer
Dugmore, Arthur Ernest                     Farmer
Fergusson, James Johnstone            Farmer
Fish, Walter Joseph                           Agent
Hayward, Frank Edgar                       Launch driver
Hooper, Gustavus Vaughan              Tram Conductor, c/o H C Hooper, Surveyor
Howie, Alex Mcdonald                       Saw Mill Hand (Rangiora)
Huddleston, Athelstan St John           Bank Manager
Kirkpatrick, William Hawea                 Solicitor
Lees, Frederick Andrew                    Assistant Storekeeper
Maxwell, James                                 Wharf Assistant
Maxwell, Selwyn Beazley                  Fruiterer & Confectioner
Northwood, Richard Alfred                Secretary
Norton, Stanley Thomas                     Bank Manager
Philips, Malcolm Innes                         Mill Hand
Riddell, John                                       Foreman, c/o R McGaffins Camp
Sharlan, Henry William Coxhead        Launch Engineer
Smith, Walter                                      Bushman
Smith, William Leon                             Bushman
Telfer, James                                      Sawmill Hand
Whittaker, John Henry                        Slaughterman
Yarborough, Brian                              Farmer
Yarborough, Randall Francis Cooke   Storekeeper

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Airey, Stephen Henry                         Accountant                F
Alexander, John Edward                    Surgeon Dentist        A
Andrewes, George                             General Storekeeper           C
Andrews, Albert William                      Mill Carpenter           C
Archibald Maxwell,                              Dairy Farmer            D
Blundell, Harry                                      Launch Engineer     B
Bonner, John Edwin                             Hairdresser             F
Bridge, Robert                                      Labourer                 B
Chapman, Joseph Gilbert                     Dairy Farmer (Rawhia)        F
Chapman, Victor Randolph                  Dairy farmer, Oak Grove, Orira         C
Cobbald, Cecil Martin                           Barman                   D
Dugmore, George                                Dairyman, Barrier   D
Ensor, Charles Hedley                         Mill Hand                 B
Gabolinsey, Herrman Owen                Mill worker              F
Gray, Francis James                            Farmer, PO Box 64              C
Grounds, William                                  Settler, Private bag               F
Gurney, Herbert                                   Rafting                    F
Gurney, William Frank                           Dairy farmer(near Kohukohu)            B
Hall, John                                              Blacksmith             C
Halliwell, Fred                                       Farmer & Stock Buyer         E
Hansen, Jens Peter                              Tailor                     D
Harrison, Ralph Elliott                            Farmer                  D
Hartley, Thomas Francis                      Launch Proprietor                E
Hawkins, Bertie                                    Bush Manager       A
Hawkins, Penn                                     Carpenter               F
Hawkins, Stanier Sheppard                 Secretary & Accountant      B
Hooper, Henry Claygate                       Surveyor                E
Johnson, Richard Hill                            Curate                    C
Lane, Frederick Solloway                    Launch driver        B
Lowe, Isaac Harold Brooks                 Saw Doctor           C
McCarthy, Frederick John                    Bushman               B
McKinnon, John Thomas                      Journalist & Printer              A
Petley, Gordon Charles                        Stock Agent          B
Potter, Arthur Augustus                       Accountant           F
Rogers, Solomon                                  Farmer                   B
Rooke, James Dresser                         Labourer               F
Smith, Albert Orari                                Baker                    B
Stancliffe, John Charles                       Labourer               D
Stranaghan, Hugh Sutton                     Labourer               E
Sturges, Frederick William                    Saddler                 F
Wallace, Arnold Cecil                           Storekeeper          D
White, William Mullen                             Tailor                     F
Young, Harry                                        Engineer                C

KOUTU, Auckland. 206 miles north-west from Auckland by weekly steamer.  Post and telephone office.  Good fishing and pheasant
and pigeon shooting.  Nearest doctor, 12 miles by river.  On Hokianga River.  Name means “Bail”, from scene of cannibalism, and
having to bail out the refuse from cooking hole.  A timber milling centre.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Bolton, Edward Yates                          Farmer
Howard, James                                    Saw Mill Employee
Nelder, Joseph William                          Mill Hand

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Barlow, Herbert                                    Sawmiller            D
Mahoney, John Francis                        Mill Hand              C
Rickcord, Valentine Albert Ernest        Forest Manager   B

MANGAKINO, Description not found in 1915 New Zealand Index

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Ward, Albert Edward                           Farmer

MANGAMUKA, Auckland.  195 miles north from Auckland, or 14 miles from Rangiahua—a Maori settlement; steamer from Auckland to
Kohu Kohu weekly, thence 12 miles by oil launch, then 10 miles by road.  The Mangamuka River is one of, perhaps, the principal
estuaries of Hokianga Harbour, which it joins at the township of Kohu Kohu.  From there it is tidal for a distance of 15 miles.  Ten miles
from Kohu Kohu the banks of the river contract and form what is called the Mangamuka Gorge, which has a local reputation for
picturesque scenery.  From this gorge to the source of the river is Mangamuka proper or Mangamuka Valley.  It is about five miles in
length, and half to three quarters of a mile broad, and includes the richest and best lands in Hokianga.  It is mostly in the hands of the
Natives.  This valley was a few years ago the site of large puriri forests, which have been used up in the making of railway sleepers.  
Game was once plentiful, but the Maoris destroy it at all seasons recklessly.  Named from Manga (creek) and Muka (spool of Nikau
pam, which abounds here).  Post office.  Nearest telephone at Rangiahua, 14 miles; and doctor at Kohu Kohu, 15 miles.  

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Abraham, Valentin Augustin                 Storekeeper

MANGATU, Auckland.  119 miles from Auckland.  Steamer to Dargaville, rail to Kaihu, thence 11m road (in summer bi-weekly coach).  
On Hokianga main road.  Telephone.  Nearest doctor Dargaville, 28 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Hall, Cyril Ernest                                    Lineman
Reilly, Owen                                          Farmer, c/o Post Office
Speck, Ernest Winkwork                       Farmer
White, John L                                        Fencer, c/o/ A L Mortyne

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Gamble, John                                        Settler & Postmaster      F

MARAEROA, Auckland.  187 m N. From Auckland by steamer and rail to Kawakawa, then coach 28 miles.  A Native settlement.  
Nearest telegraph office Okaihau, 6 miles, and nearest doctor at Rawene, 12 miles.  Name means “long flat”.

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Hulme, Hedley Russell                           Teacher                        F

MAUNGATANIWHA. A high mountain peak near Mangamuka, Victoria Valley.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Ryan, Patrick                                          Farm Labourer

MITIMITI (MITI MITI), Auckland.  18 miles from Rawene.  A Native village 8 m from Hokianga Heads, and between there and and
Whangape on the west coast beach.  Steamer irregularly from Auckland via Rawene, which see.  Miti Miti means “lick, lick”, from the
Maroi seeing insects close to the creek and apprently licking the water.  Nearest tel. And Dr. At Whangape, 8 m. Post Office and store.

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Kendall, Edwin George                          Farmer                          A
Reid, Isaac Robert                                 State Forester               E

MOTUKARAKA, Auckland.  On an outlet of Hokianga Harbour, 201 miles north by steamer from Auckland city.  To Rawene by
steamer, then 2 m steam launch.  In Hokianga County.  See Rawene.  Is on the north bank of the Hokianga River, immediately opposite
Rawene.  Peasants and mullet very plentiful.  Named from a small island close to its banks—Motu, island; karaka, a species of bush
tree.  Hence and island of Karaka trees.  Semi-tropical fruits profitably cultivated.  Telephone and post office.  Nearest doctor at
Rawene, 2 m by water.  Hokianga Co-operative Dairy Company’s factory.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Babe, William Harold R                         Dairy Factory Manager
Danaher, Thomas Ted                         Farmer
Harris, Albert                                       Labourer
Harris, Sam                                          Cook
Kelsey, Henry Herbert                         Manager
Kelsey, John                                        Builder
Nash, Joseph                                       General Labourer
Parry, Llewellyn Mostyn                      Butter Factory Assistant

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Basford, Ernest George                      Farmer                             D
Beazley, Maxwell                                Farmer                             F
Burrows, Charles Edward                  Buttermaker                     C
Downard, Henry John Finch                School Teacher              E
Gundry, William                                    Farmer                             F
Harding, George                                  Farmer                             D
Kelsey, Frederick William                     Market Gardner               B
Lomas, William                                      Mill Hand                          E
Potier, Charles Francis                         Buttermaker                    D
Struthers, Alexander Francis               Surfaceman                   B
Taffard, Joseph Alfred                         Pig Farmer                      E
Young, Malcolm Lake                            Road Worker                 A

NUKATAWHITI, Auckland.  126 miles N.W. from Auckland.  Steamer to Whangarei, then coach 34 miles.  Is situated at the junction of
the Opokeno and Maungakahiu Rivers.  Good shooting and fishing.  Scenery unsurpassed.  Telephone.  Principally Maori land owners.  
Is 224 miles from Kaikohe.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
McConkey, John                                    Labourer
Royal, William                                         Bushman

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Blomfield, Hubert                                    Storeman                      B

OMANAIA, Auckland.  Purely a Maori settlement and the centre of the late disturbed district.  192 miles north by weekly N.S.S. Co.’s
steamer from Auckland, via Onehunga.  Good shooting and fishing, and scenery up the Hokianga River.  Is situated on the Omanaia, a
tributary of the Hokianga River, and 6 miles from Rawene, the chief centre of the County.  Suitable for fruit growing.  Telephone.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Cock, George         

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Beazley, Robert                                      Bush Contractor          A

OMAPERE, Auckland.  At the mouth of the Hokianga Harbour; 195 miles north-west from Auckland, by steamer via Onehunga; in
Hokianga County.  Money order office.  Is the settlement at the Hokianga Heads.  Post and Telegraph Office.  Rawene 25 miles ditant,
and Weka Weka 12 miles.  Steamer leaves Onehunga for Hokianga every week (32s 6d).  On the Hokianga river, near Hokianga
Heads.  There are 56 oil launches on river, and some run up and down daily to Rawene, Kohu and Horeke.  Fish plentiful in river.  The
coast and the “Blowhole” are well worth a visit.  Telegraph and boarding houses.  Nearest doctor at Rawene by telephone, arriving in
an hour.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Boyce, William Matthew Daniel                Farmer
Bryers, Matthew Herd                             Farmer
Bryers, William Mayne                             Mail-Launchman
Paterson, John                                        Manager
Rowe, George Bernard                           Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Bryers, Ivor Stanfield                               Launch-driver              D
Dunn, Mathew                                          Mariner                         E
Newton, Cecil G                                       Settler                           F

OPARA (description not found in 1915 New Zealand Index).  Peninsula between Whrinaki and Omanaia River.

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Ferguson, Neil Johnstone                         Dairy Farmer                D

OPONONI, Auckland.   Near Omapere, inside Hokianga Heads; 210 miles north-west from Auckland.  Steamer to Rawene, then 16
miles by horse or launch.  Hokianga county.  Has a fine hotel and public hall.  Is a gum district and sawmilling centre.  Post, telephone,
and money order office.  Has also a direct steamer from Onehunga (120 m) every week (35s).  Good shooting, yachting, boating,
fishing etc.  Large steamers can lie with safety and comfort alongside Opononi wharf.  Nearest doctor at Rawene.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Andrewes, Sidney                                    Barman
Divane, James                                           Farmer
Robb, Joseph Murray                                Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Andrewes, Frank                                     Hotelkeeper & Farmer   C
Broughton, Robert Nightingale                  Carpenter c/o Mr. Robb        A
Fell, Archibald Glyn                                   Farmer c/o Post Office         A
Hargrave, Frederick Charles                     Accountant                   C
Kelly, Maurice Claude                                Farmer                          E
Thomas, John William                                Farmer, Rangi Point       A
Watkins, Selwyn Hardiman                       Launch Proprietor         F

ORANOA (description not found in 1915 New Zealand Index).  South of the Waipoua Forest and 3 m north-west of Donelly’s Crossing.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Maxwell, David                                         Forest Ranger
Moore, Charles Vaughan                         Farmer
Moore, Henry                                            Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Newman, William Charles                         Labourer                        F
Paton, William                                            Farmer                           D

OTAKURA  or UTAKURA, Auckland.  Farming settlement, six miles from Hokianga River, on road from Horeke to Kawakawa, Bay of
Islands County.; 184 m north-west from Auckland.  Steamer to Opua, and rail to Kawakawa (which see), then by coach Tuesday and
Thursday, distance 26 miles.  Utakura Valley has very rich alluvial soil well suited for fruitgrowing—particularly oranges and lemons,
which thrive well.  Most of the land, which carries excellent grass, is held on perpetual lease from Government.  Totara, puriri, and
other timber in bush.  Nearest accommodation at Okaihu (Okaihau?), five miles distant.  Fine scenery here—Hokianga River and
Mangamuka Gorge.  On Utakura River.  Post and tel. office.  Doctor at Ohaeawai, 15 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Harrison, Wilson Lincoln                           Farmer

OUE, Auckland.  On the Hokianga Harbour, 196 miles north from Auckland.  Steamer to Rawene, then seven miles; in Hokianga
County.  A small settlement of farmers, with a post office and telephone.  Good pigeon and pheasant shooting.  Doctor at Rawene, 7
m.  To reach Oue by water from Rawene the steamer branches off from Omanaia River.  One of the finest orchards in the north is
mear the mouth of the Oue.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
King, Louis Frank                                       Farmer
Magee, Edward James                              Settler
Wright, Alfred Welly                                   Sheep Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Brockliss, Laurence James                       Sawdoctor & Farmer     C
Magee, John                                              Farmer                            D
Phillips, Arthur Reginald                            Farmer                             F
Whitefield, John  jun.                                 Grazier                            C
Whitefield, Thomas                                   Bushfeller                        D

PAKANAE, A gorge in Hokianga District

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
McCowan, John Thomas                          School Teacher
Perry, Thomas                                           Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Hall, Edward Insley                                    Cordial and Aerated Water Manufacturer        F

PAKOTAI, Auckland.  The new name for Oruoru, 125 m north from Auckland.  Steamer to Whangarei (10s), coach to Poroti, 12 m (3s),
thence horse, 17 m (7s 6d).  Name means “hollow sea”.  On river Mangakahia.  Roads bad.  Fair shooting and fishing.  So named to
prevent confusion with Oruru.  Nearest doctor Whangarei, 35 m.  nearest telegraph Poroti, 17 m.  See also Oruoru. [ORUORO,
Auckland.  198 miles from Auckland.  Steamer to Whangarei, then coach to Poroti, thence horse; in Hobson County.  A bush district.  
Name means spongy, or boggy ground.  Name now altered to Pakotai , on account of its similarity to Oruru.  Pakotai now known as the
post and telephone office, which see.]

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Clausen, Peter Alexander                         Farmer
Smith, George                                           Farmer
Standen, Henry                                         Bush Contractor

PAPONGA, Auckland.  Post office and small farming district. 207 m N.E. from Auckland.  Steaner to Kohukohu (42s return), then horse
15m.  Hokianga County.  Post and telephone office, Motukaraka.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Boreham, Charles Vurn                             Butcher

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Dyer, William Henry                                    Farmer                        F
Humphreys, Herbert Gerald                       Farmer                        D
Nash, Frederick James                              Milker                           D
Yarborough, Alfred Graeme Cooke           Farmer                        A

PUNAKITERE, Auckland.  184 miles north-west from Auckland.  Steamer to Opua (30s), then rail to Kawkawa, then coach 32 miles
(15s); in Hokianga County.  An inland farmers’ locality with post office, two miles from Taheke.  May also be reached by steamer to
Rawene the 16 miles by boat or road.  Is a beautiful place and very healthy, half-way betweenthe Bay of Islands and Hokianga Heads,
and only two miles from a tidal river that goes down to Rawene, where there is abundance of fish; also plenty of pheasants and
quail.  Grapes and oranges, as well as other fruits, grow well here.  Nearest telegraph office Taheke, 2 m.  Nearest doctor at
Rawene, 16 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Lavery, Napoleon                                       Dairy Farmer
Pilbrow, Frederick                                      Station Manager

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Mail, Harry                                                  Farmer                        D
Penney, William                                          Farmer                        D
Walter James Peters,                                 Farm Hand                  E

PUNEHU (description not found in 1915 New Zealand Index).  At the mouth of the Waireia Stream on the northern banks of the
Hokianga River opposite Kauwhare Point and 3 m from Te Karaka.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Hardiman, Lionel                                         Farmer

RANGI POINT, Auckland.  208 m from Auckland.  Steamer to Rawene, then launch 10 m.  Hokianga County.  Telegraph at Koutu, 2 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Watkins, James Agathos                            Dairy Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Potts, Harold Freeman                                 Farmer                       C

RANGIAHUA, Auckland.  Farming and fruit-growing settlement 190 miles north from Auckland.  Steamer and rail to Kawakawa (which
see), coach to Okaihau, then 11 miles.  One store and hotel combined only business premises here.  Name means “Looking towards
the sky”.  Post and telephone; good shooting.  Doctor at rawene, 12 m.  Monument erected here to commemorate the holding of the
first Christian service in New Zealand, which was held when the Rev. Samuel Marsden, chaplain at Paramatta (N.S.W.), preached to
the Maoris on Christmas Day, 1814.  Is at the head of the Hokianga River, and in the Waihou Valley.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Coxhead, George Frederick Langston        Bootmaker & Orchard Sprayer
Ogle, John Jackson                                     Mechanic
Perry, Oswald Ovenden                             Farmer
White, Charles Stanley                                Employer (employee?)

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Ogle, William Henry                                      Dairyman                   F

RAWENE, Auckland.  16 m up from entrance Hokianga River and 182 miles north-west by N.S.S. Co.’s steamer fortnightly from
Auckland via Onehunga.  Pheasant shooting and river fishing—flounders, karati, etc.  The Mangamuka Gorge is reached from here by
boat.  Hokianga County abounds in minerals, and has a very large area of Crown lands yet to be occupied.  The drawback to the latter
being the Native population (2000), who own the best of the land.  Post, telegraph.  One hotel, stores, and sawmill (owned by Union
Box Co.) .  One bank and resident doctor, also county hospital.  This is the chief county town of Hokianga.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Bawden, Harold Semmens                          Carpenter, PO Box 9
Bowden, Wilfred                                          Methodist Minister
Boyd, Ronald Douglas                                 Carpenter (Motuti)
Bryers, Frederick Tautari                             County Clerk
Costello, Patrick                                            Surveyor's Assistant
Eyes, Edward Amos                                    Farm Hand
Fuller, Archie                                                Builder
Guest, Edward                                             Farmer (Motukauri)
Harold , Curry                                               Timber worker
Lane, Thomas Percival                                 Storkeeper
Leef, Selwyn                                                Mill Hand
Martin, John Anthony                                   Harbourmaster
McCown, Thomas William                            Law Clerk
McPhee, John                                              Tailor
Millar, George Frederick Graham                 Farmer
Northover,  McCarthy, Morgan Joseph        Surveyor
Pearson, Harry                                             Dairy Farmer "Welton Brae"
Pearson, Willie                                              Dairy Farmer "Welton Brae"
Pike, Charles Henry                                     Storekeeper's Assistant
Shaw, Charles Frederick                             Engineer, PO Box 40

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Allen, William John                                        Foreman                    C
Andrewes, Arthur Edmond                          Storekeeper              B
Andrewes, John Bernard                             Storekeeper              D
Arnold, George                                             Mill Hand                    D
Ashmore, William Howard                            Joiner, Powell Street  D
Beazley, Alexander                                      Milkman                      A
Beazley, John James                                    Launch-driver           C
Bradshaw, William Alfred                             Farmer                       D
Brindle, John                                                 Farmer (Onoke)         D
Broberg, Sydney                                          Carpenter                   C
Bryers, Robert Perry                                    Clerk                           D
Bryers, Victor John                                      Boatman & Launch-driver        E
Cochrane, Frederick Brown                         Contractor                 C
Cochrane, Reddy George                             Bush manager           D
Cochrane, William Matin                                Contractor                 C
Cook, William Kenyon                                    Joiner & Builder         C
Coxhead, William John                                   Engineer                    C
Curry, Herbert Henry                                     Mill Hand                    F
Fenne, Edward                                              Mill Hand                    B
Gibbs, William Ernest Gibbs                           Tailor                         A
Grove, Arthur Gilbert                                     Farmer                       B
Guthrey, Charles Henry                                Mill Manager              B
Haresnape, Robert Edward                          Farmer                       E
Howard, George                                           Sawmill Hand            B
John, Robert  jun.                                          Farmer (Oue)            D
Leach, William Alfred                                    Baker                         F
McIntosh, Douglas Mccheyne                       Postmaster                F
Oates, John Edmund                                     Lineman                     A
Ryan, Sydney James                                    Dairy farmer (Oue)    D
Searle, Wilfred                                               Sheep Farmer           D
Shaw, Norman Francis                                 School Teacher         C
Smith, George Marshill                                  Medical Practioner      E
Sudfeldt, Joseph Max                                   Farm Labourer (Maungakura)   D
Symons, Arthur Coode                                 Manufacturing Engineer            C
Tyler, Edmund John Eeles                             Dairy Farmer              D
Welsford, Walter Roderick                            Farmer                       E
Whitefield, George                                        Farmer                        C

RUNARUNA, Auckland.  221 m from Auckland.  Steamer Kohu, then bi-weekly coach 26 m.  Hokianga County.  Telegraph at
Boradwood and Whakarapa, 9 m. Doctor at Kohu, 26 m.  Roads good in summer only.  A peculiar bubbling spring here, which from a
distance resembles a white mound.  It discharges a peculiar muddy substance, containing oil dark in appearance, and it is said to be
more active when the weather is rough around the coast.  The name means “weed docks”.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Clarke, Henry Norman Earle                          School Teacher
Hehir, Thomas                                               Farmer
Irvine, Charles Henry Howard                      Settler
Irvine, Gerard John Malcolm                          Farmer
Irvine, John Duncan Lancelot                        Settler
Staunton, Peter Joseph                                 Cattle & Sheep Farmer (Kohe Farm)

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Bennett, Albert Herbert                                 Labourer                 A
Bruce, James Rowan                                   Labourer                  F
Dawes, Samuel Ernest William                      Farmer                    F        
Hawke, Victor Linden                                   Farmer                    A
Holland, Francis                                            Farmer, "View Mont"        C
Holland, Robert                                              Farmer                    F
Mitchell, Alfred William Crawford                  Farmer                    F
Ralls, Ernest Victor                                        Farmer                   C
Rogers, Albert Henry                                    Farmer                    C
Welsh, Isaac                                                 Farmer                     F

TAHEKE, Auckland.   190 miles north-west from Auckland.  Steamer to Rawene (which see), then motor launch, 16 m. on tidal river
Waima; or steamer to Russell, then coach bi-weekly, 43 m.  Coach to Bay of Islands and in summer to Kaihu; in Hokianga County.  A
Native settlement.  Three stores, one hotel, and Maoir chool.  Gum digging, flax, farming, and timber mill.  Good shooting (pheasants
etc.) near at hand.  “Taheke” means “Waterfall”.  Named from a waterfall near here.  Psot, telephone, and money order office.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Brennan, James                                           Dairy farmer
Brennan, Thomas                                         Farmer
Chesley, John Isaac                                     Labourer
Glass, George Kenneth                                Cement tester
Junior, Edward Brennan                               Farmer
McLeod, Alexander                                      Farmer
Morrell, Lewis Sydney                                 Chauffeur
Price, Frank Arthur                                       Farmer
White, Alfred Randall                                    Farm Hand

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Bradbury, Augustus Laird                            Store Manager        C
Cains, Richard Wall                                       Settler                     D
Cope, Rameka James                                    Labourer                 E
Craig, Albert Josephius                                 Farmer                    F
Penney, Edward John Reynolds                   Farmer                    D
Penny, Arthur John                                       Labourer                 A
Ramsey, Harold Vivian                                  Farmer                    E

TE KARAE (description not found in 1915 New Zealand Index)  On the Te Karae Stream alongside the Kohukohu to Broadwood Road 2
m north-west of Urungaio and 3 m from the Mangamuka River.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Hick, Arthur Goodwill                                    Farmer
Leach, Percy                                                Dairy Farmer
Leach, William                                               Dairy Farmer
Leader, Daniel                                               Farmer
Macdonald, John Alexander                         Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Hick, Francis Charles                                    Farmer                      E
Ker, Robert Alexander                                  Farmer                      B
Mansbridge, Harold                                       Farmer                      B
Ritchie, William                                               Farmer                      A
Seay, James Stewart                                    Farmer                      F

TOWAI, Auckland.  Farming settlement, 121 miles north-east from Auckland.  Steamer to Whangarei daily (25s return), then rail 27 m.  
The railway opens up direct communication between the deep water ports of Whangarei and Opua.  Post, telephone, and money order
office.  Nearest doctor Kawakawa, 12 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Lambert, Frank                                               Sawyer & Farmer        

Auckland.  134 miles from Auckland.  Rail to Helensville, then steamer to Dargaville, then rail to Kaihu, then horse 14 m.  
Trout fishing.  Telegraph.  Doctor at Dargaville, 32 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Clarke, Victor                                                 Farmer        
Foster, Horace Alexander                             Milker, Marlborough Farm        
Smith, John Brock                                          Farmer        
Van Veen, Francis                                         Farmer        

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Parker, Harry                                                  Farmer                      D

TUTEKEHUA, 200 m from Auckland.  Telegraph.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Mansbridge, Sydney                                      Farmer
McKenzie, Walter Herbert                              Farmer
Neill, George Hunter                                       Sheep farmer
Wright, Wilfred Thomas Harding                    Teacher, c/o A J Craig

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Donaldson, George Johnston                        Farmer                     C
Gray, George                                                 Dairy Farmer            F
Grayson, William                                            Sheep Farmer          F
Morrell, Louis                                                  Dairy farmer            C

UMAWERA, Auckland.  European settlement and post office; 220 miles north from Auckland.  Steamer (30s) to Opua, rail to
Kawakawa, then 30 miles coach Thursday (20s).  Rangiahua, at most westerly point of Hokianga Harbour, seven miles distant, is
nearest telegraph office.  “Umawera” means “Breast burnt”, a maori child having been burnt here.  Doctor at Rawene, 11 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Groves, Sidney Thomas James                     Farmer
Sharland, Walter                                             Farm Hand
Thomson, William                                            Carpenter, c/o Henery Templeton

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Chapman, Roland Herbert                              Farmer                     C
Lloyd, William John Hutchieson                      Farmer, c/o Mr Vaughan        D
McIntyre, Donald Banks                                  Farmer                     E
Newcombe, John Alfred                                Bushman (Omahuta)              D
Pringle, Richard                                              Bushman                  E
Smith, Alfred Henry                                       Farm Worker, c/o Sid Groves B

UTAKURA, Auckland.  Farming settlement, six miles from Hokianga River, on road from Horeke to Kawakawa, Bay of Islands County.;
184 m north-west from Auckland.  Steamer to Opua, and rail to Kawakawa (which see), then by coach Tuesday and Thursday,
distance 26 miles.  Utakura Valley has very rich alluvial soil well suited for fruitgrowing—particularly oranges and lemons, which thrive
well.  Most of the land, which carries excellent grass, is held on perpetual lease from Government.  Totara, puriri, and other timber in
bush.  Nearest accommodation at Okaihu (Okaihau?), five miles distant.  Fine scenery here—Hokianga River and Mangamuka Gorge.  
On Utakura River.  Post and tel. office.  Doctor at Ohaeawai, 15 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Cruller, Reuben                                               Bushman
Norman, Sydney Herbert                                Music Teacher
Trigg, Roland Arthur                                        Dairy Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Culham, James Beckett                                  Farmer        
Davison, Frederick Peter                                Farmer                      E
Jordan, Harry Leslie                                       Bushman                  C        

WAAHIRAKAU (this town was not found in the 1915 New Zealand Index and is not found on modern maps – is this perhaps
WHAREKAWA as judging by the inhabitants, it was in the region near Rawene).        

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Brocas, Thomas Guy Robert                         Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Williams, Howell St. Clair                                Farmer                       E

WAIMA, Auckland.  205 miles north-west from Auckland.  Steamer to Rawene (in Hokianga Harbour), then 12 miles by horseback; in
Hokianga County.  Post and telephone office.  Maori settlement.  The oldest and largest oak tree in New Zealand is to be seen here at
the old mission station.  Good shooting.  Situated on Waima River, name meaning “clear water”.  Doctor at Rawene.  Also may be
reached by steamer to Dargaville, rail to Kaihu 17 m the coach 86 m.

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Warmington, John                                          Bushman                   C

WAIMAMAKU, Auckland.  225 miles north-west from Auckland.  Steamer to Hokianga Heads (45s return), thence 10 miles.  
Telephone, post and money order office.  Kauri gum digging settlement.  No used for crossing over river.  Doctor at Rawene, 30 m.  
Has the largest remaining forest of kauri in the Dominion.  There is an outcrop of coal and strong indications of minerals.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Bracey, Clifford                                             Cheese Factory Assistant
Bracey, James Lestion                                  Grocer's Assistant
Corfield, William Denis                                    Dairy Farmer
Froggatt, Alfred                                              Farm hand
Froggatt, Edward                                           Butcher
Hall, Ernest Charles                                        Dairy Farmer
Johnson, Augustaff Albert                            Factory Manager
Lowe, Ernest Royal                                       Farmer
Page, Walter Vernon                                     Dairy Farmer
Tarbutt, Edwin                                               Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Ambler, Rowland                                           Farmer                      C
Bourke, Philip St. Helier                                  Farmer                      E
Bracey, Arthur Joseph Taita                         Farmer & Carter        B
Bracey, Fred                                                  Dairy Farmer            C
Bracey, William Henry                                    Dairy Farmer, "Fairview"        E
Corfield, John Andrew                                   Farmer                     E
Drewet, Alwyn Oakley                                  Farmer                      B
Drewet, Frank Tiler                                        Tiller                          E
Fell, Ernest Thomas                                        Contractor                F
Field, Robert Harry                                         Farmer                      F
Field, Toledo Frankfurt Hamilton                     Farmer                      D
Hall, Arthur William                                         Dairy Farmer             F
Hallahan, Timothy James                                Farmer                     B
Harnett, Alfred Edward                                  Farmer                     F
Hook, Leonard Richard                                   Farmer                     E
Mason, Herbert Edward                                 Dairy Farmer            C
White, George Edward                                   Dairy Farmer            A
Wylie, Thomas                                                Dairy Company Manager        E

WAIMATENUI, Auckland.  141 m N. from Auckland.  Steamer to Dargaville, rail to Kaihu, coach to Waimatenui weekly during summer.  
Telegraph.  Doctor at Dargaville, 38 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Adams, Leslie Peers                                      Farmer
Eland, Thomas                                                Settler
Orr, Frank Wylie                                             Farmer
Peers-Adams, Leslie                                      Farmer

WAIOTEMARAMA, Auckland.  122 m N. from Auckland by steamer.  Situated on the Waiotemarama River, 2 m from the seacoast.  Mail
service bi-weekly.  Telephone office.  Native settlement.   Name means “Waters of the moon”.  In Hokianga County.  Nearest Doctor at
Rawene, 30 m.  Store, post and telegraph office.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Hodson, George Frederick                             Farmer
Letts, George A R                                          Farmer
Letts, Norman Allan                                        Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Barnes, Arthur Robert                                                                        E
Bourke, Leonard Humphries                           Cattledealer                 C
Field, Frederick                                                Farmer                        C
Gordon, Forbes Bruce                                    School Teacher          B
Jones, Francisco                                            Bush Feller                  F
Mitchell, Thomas                                              Dairy Farmer               E

WAITAPU, Auckland.  See MITIMITI for description.

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Hardman, Selwyn                                            Labourer                    A

WEKAWEKA (WEKA WEKA), Auckland.  130 miles from Auckland.  Steamer to Hokianga Heads, thence 15 m by track, suitable for
riding from December to April.  Splendid district for all kinds of fruitgrowing or tobacco.  The climate is very mild and is one of the
healthiest places in New Zealand.  Pig and cattle shooting.  Mail service weekly.  Nearest telegraph office is at Waimamaku, 6 m.
Doctor at Rawene, 40 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Money, Alfred                                                  Dairy Farmer
Norton, Robert Arthur                                      Dairy Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Lowe, Henry                                                    Farmer                       D

WHAKARAPA, Auckland.  At head of a tidal tributary of the Hokianga Harbour and at the foot of a range of mountains.  Is 201 m from
Auckland by steamer to Rawene (30s), thence by launch (Sat., 12 m (2s). Has a post office, but nearest telegraph is Koutu, 8 m.  
Named after the maori settlement, the meaning of the name being “To cause adhesion”.  It is also the name of a fish basket used by the
old Maoris.  Roads not suitable for vehicle traffic, but horses plentiful and easily procurable.  Situated inland, 8 m, is the “mud
volcanoe”, which is on a low hill in the heart of the bush country.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Aperahama, Rapaere                                       Bushfelling
Clark, Tom                                                         Bushman
Foster, Frederick Lancelot                                Storekeeper and Postmaster

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Johnston, George                                             Native School teacher  D

WHANGAPE, Auckland.  241 miles north from Auckland.  Rail to Onehunga, thence steamer 233 m. Sawmilling.  Post and telephone
office.  Mails weekly.  Has a funnel-shaped harbor.  Nearest doctor at Kaitaia, 30 m.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Stevens, Charlie                                               Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Angell, Paul                                                       Draining Contractor        A
Feely, Thomas                                                  Engine Driver                  E
Irving, Newell                                                    Farmer                            F

WHATORO, Auckland.  122 m from Auckland.  Steamer to Dargaville, rail to Kaihu, the 3 m.  Hobson County.  Telegraph.  Sheep
farming, dairying, and fruit gorwing.  The best clump of kauri is within 3 m.  Good pheasant shooting.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Evans, James Allison                                         Labourer
Johnstone, Richard                                            Labourer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Harling, Stanley Clifford                                     Mail Contractor              A
Olsen, Harold Alexander                                   Shearer                         C

WHIRINAKI, Auckland.  On Hokianga River, 268 miles north-west by steamer from Auckland to rawene, then launch weekly 10 m; in
Hokianga County.  Post and telegraph office.  Maori settlement, with a few European settlers.  Pheasant, duck, and pigeon shooting.  
Doctor at Rawene.  Name means “to lean”.

1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Jackson, Walter James                                     Sheep Farmer
Mitai, William David                                             Bushman

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Black, William                                                     Teacher/Post Office      C
Freese, Wilhelm Gerald                                      Contractor                     B
Russell, Robert Boyd                                         Farmer                           C
Vipond, William                                                   Farmer                           E


1st Division (compiled September 1916)
Webster, James Reddy                                     Farmer

2nd Division (compiled August to October 1917)
Donelley, Fergusson                                         Thomas                 
Noake, Robert Compton                                     Farmer                            C
Kohukohu c1910, from Broadwood Road. Northwood brothers
:Photographs of Northland. Ref: 1/2-024656-G. Alexander Turnbull
Library, Wellington, New Zealand.
Hokianga History and Memorabilia